5 things you should know about protective Transit Packaging

The simple art of getting a bottle of wine from A to B, as many a fine drinks retailer will testify to, is actually nothing of the kind. It’s not that simple, and it can be a nightmare.

But not if you’re using the right product.

Transit packaging may not look pretty. It may not have the bells and whistles of a luxury silk-lined oak box for example, or the glamour of a faux leather hamper. But it forms the functional backbone for many specialist drinks retailers. With reports of the demise of many high-street businesses, you may be looking to extend your presence online and capture a new audience. For that you’ll need to know the basics. Here’s everything you need to know about transporting bottles in courier safe transit packaging.

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Choose a bag: Wine bottle bag designs for 2012/13

It’s that time again. Choosing bottle bag designs for 2012/13, has sent us all democratic at WBC.

Here is our work in progress, and we’d love to know which ones you like. Remember, all our bottle bags are designed in-house and you won’t find us selling them in supermarkets either. Our aim is to keep our designs fresh and new year on year, giving you the high street retailers the edge and a special point of difference. Truth is, bottle bags sell, and the margins created by selling them, mean they make financial sense and also way remain a WBC bestseller.

So let us know what you love so we can put the your favourites into production.

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