The nation’s running out of yeast! But Brixton Brewery has you covered

The nation’s running out of yeast but Brixton Brewery have you covered. Apparently we’ve all been baking so much during lockdown, that there’s a nationwide shortage of flour and yeast. According to industry expert Eve Reid, amateur baking has become the nations’ secret pastime. The result is that for love nor money can you get hold of the stuff!

An extra 2.1 million people hit the supermarkets in search of flour during the four weeks before March 22, according to retail analysts Kantar. On Friday 27th March, the co-owner of Gilchesters Organics, a flour mill in Stamfordham, woke to well over 200 orders coming in for her flour in just half an hour. That’s a turn up for the books, for a company that usually averages about 200 mail orders a month!

UK grocers saw a 92 per cent increase in purchasing of flour, according to retail analyst Kantar. An extra 2.1 million of us bought flour in those four weeks compared to the year before, with everyone buying just one extra packet on average.

And now it’s yeast. But there’s a help on the horizon and it comes from the most unlikely of places.

Our neighbours Brixton Brewery have released, yeast! We asked them about what they’re doing to save the nation’s baking dilemma!


We’re raising money for the Brixton foodbank so our customers can raise their bread!

In response to the nationwide shortage of baking yeast, we’re making our brewing yeast available in handy 30g sachets to home bakers under lockdown (it works just as well).

Add it to your beer or merch order, or order it alone from our webshop (link in bio) and we’ll post it to you (UK wide).

We’ll add the BB Test Kitchen Bread Dough recipe along with it. Tag us in your pics so we can see your creations! Check out the newest post on our blog for all the details of the project. Rise up!”

How cool is that? So what are you waiting on, get your bake on!

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