New 2020 Bottle Bag Designs – Out Now

Whether you’re shopping online or in a real shop, (when we finally get back to it) we’ve all been tempted by the little extras at checkout. So have a whopping 60% of other UK shoppers. Impulse purchases are a tried and tested marketing technique. So what are your looking like? According to, “British consumers spend a whopping £21.7 billion on impulse purchases each year”.

Gift bags for bottles have to be one of the easiest and most cost-effective impulse gifts, drinks retailers could offer. With trade prices starting from as little as £0.85p a unit, bottle bags are a great way to increase average order value, throughout the year. They will also help you up-sell product and maximise sales. Minimal outlay, low footprint, max results.

Exclusive Bottle Bag Designs from WBC

Each year, our in-house designers work on a set of new designs based on the seasons colour trends and patterns. This year’s designs are more vibrant than ever. We think they are certain tobrighten up any counter and offer a vibrant addition to your online offering. Made from 200gsm paper with strong woven handles and matching gift tags, they’ll keep your gifting on-trend throughout the season.

Bottle bags from WBC

If I can’t see it, I won’t buy it!

Customers won’t buy what they can’t see. We’re always amazed by retailers who purchase a beautiful collection of bottle bags, only to keep them hidden under the counter. Get them on display! That goes for other impulse purchases like Bags for life, wine accessories, wine glasses, and bottle carriers.

A customer may only be looking for a bottle of wine, but there’s no reason they shouldn’t leave with something else too.

And if like us, you’re spoilt for choice and you can’t make your mind up, we now offer a handy ‘try before you buy’ pack. The bottle bag sample pack is ideal for customers wanting to get a better feel for the new bags before committing to volume. The new range includes seasonal designs, foil printed bags and new on-trend colours

one bottle sample pack from WBC

Showcase your new bags

To help you set the stage, we have a range of bottle bag merchandising units and clip strips. These have been developed especially for WBC’s range of single bottle gift bags. Suitable for countertop display, or affixed to a wall, these simple holders allow you to proudly display your chosen bottle bags in full view of your customers.

Set up a small point of sale bottle bag display near the tills. Or attach them to a wall near wine displays for customers to pick up. Display units are a great way to boost impulse buys. Especially when combined with blackboards strips to create informative, effective displays.

All this and more from your usual online one stop shop, WBC. Shop now

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