London Restaurant Cooperative

London Restaurant Cooperative: Creating jobs in a crisis

Sharing the many positive stories of how businesses are coping during the Covid lockdown, keeps us all inspired. No more so than this inspirational story we came across, about a restaurant forced to close but found a way to turn a nightmare into something postive. Here’s how the London Restaurant Cooperative is creating jobs in a crisis.

Steven Tozer is no shrinking violet. When Le Bab shut its doors a few weeks ago  – owner Stephen Tozer, decided to take matters into his own hands.

He started The London Restaurant Cooperative, a food delivery service aiming to support key workers through the Covid-19 crisis, in three ingenious ways.

1) The Cooperative employs out-of-work hospitality staff to do all the food prep. Yep, everyone from chefs to waiters as delivery staff. At the moment, they’re mostly from Le Bab, but they intend on bringing in staff who have been made redundant or put on furlough as soon as they can. That also means as they bring new staff in, the delivery zone expands too!

2) All the meals are cheap as chips. Priced at just £6.50 a plate, it makes it affordable for most people struggling to prepare meals or buy ingredients.

3) Now then, this is the best bit. If you add just £4 on top, The London Restaurant Collective will also deliver a meal to a worker at UCL hospital, or to The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields homeless shelter. According to Stephen, they delivered nearly 300 meals in 4 days, and this week committed to 100 meals per day.

How are they keeping costs so low? Stephen is covering the setup costs from his own pocket and giving 100% of the profits back to the staff. Any leftovers are given to staff to take home to their families.



Monday’s menu (20/4/2020):

  • Chicken Teriyaki with RiceVegetable Medley Teriyaki with Rice

Tuesday’s menu (21/4/2020):

  • Beef Hot Pot
  • Vegetarian Hot Pot

Wednesday’s menu (22/4/2020):

  • Beef Ragu Lasagne
  • Aubergine Lasagne

    – The London Restaurant Cooperative is open now. There are two meal options per day – one vegetarian & one non-vegetarian and you can order the day’s meal for £6.50 (and add on a £4 meal for NHS staff)

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