How to display cheese more effectively in your shop

How you display cheese will have a massive impact on how much of it you sell. Cheese is a sensual product. The shapes, colours, and aromas are the stars of the show when it comes to your display. To create a big impact, there are retail tools which will support and promote your cheese displays more effectively. Here’s how to display cheese more effectively in your shop. 

Retail Risers & Serving Boards

Temperatures are of great consideration when it comes to cheese displays. Low acrylic risers are a great tool to use in chilled cabinets because they create height and lift without compromising temperatures. Using low acrylic risers as invisible platforms will help create architecture within your display.

Food presentation platters like Stoneleigh circular serving boards are not only eye-catching but frame cheeses beautifully for retail and dining experiences.

The collection is handmade and the natural marble helps to keep cheeses at their precise temperatures for service. As an added touch, wax paper can be used not only for wrapping cheeses but add a rustic touch to cheese platters in cafes, gastro pubs, and restaurants.  

Create perfect cheese displays with WBC's serving boards and platters

Cheese Signage and Ticketing

Choosing a cheese, like choosing a wine, can be intimidating for shoppers. In fact, some knowledge and understanding go hand in hand with purchasing it. Therefore, sharing useful information like producer, provenance, food and wine pairing, acts as an educational tool that becomes an indirect selling mechanism.

Signage done well should tell the story behind the product, and why you’ve chosen it for your business. Using display easels as a point of sale tool makes it easy to tell your story. Great signage is informative and a striking complement to an already wonderful product.

How to display cheese - WBC retail signage and ticketing

How to display cheese - WBC retail signage

Display Boxes and Countertop Units

Besides the cheese itself, there are many condiments which are important when it comes to building a successful display. Add on products help to support magnificent displays.

Useful Add-ons include:
Seeded oatcakes
Artisanal bread and chutneys
Bowls of fragrant olives

Countertop display boxes are versatile and ideal for filling with seeded crackers, oatcakes or breadsticks. Resin-lined bowls are perfectly poised to hold marinated olives, jardiniere, nuts or fruit. Alternatively, if you’re short on space, the two tired countertop display unit allows you to build vertical displays to showcase packed products. The tiered display helps minimise your countertop footprint.

Two Tier Brown Wicker Counter Top Display Unit

Medium Vintage Effect Counter-Top Display Tray















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