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Pulpsafe: 100% green way to send bottles through the post

What if the drinks market could find an environmentally sustainable solution for shipping bottles safely? If only there was a truly bonafide solution with comparative protection, but was still completely biodegradable? What if there was a genuine alternative to using polystyrene or plastic? Wouldn’t that be something? Queue the drum roll. At WBC, we think we’ve found it! Pulpsafe is our answer to offering the highest level of protection with the greenest possible eco-solutions. Pulpsafe is made from moulded waste paper pulp. It isn’t just plastic-free; it’s 100% recyclable, compostable AND biodegradable too. We wanted to put the newest kid on transit block under the spotlight. Here’s a few reasons why we think Pulpsafe might be the perfect choice for your business. 

Go green or Go Bust

Consumer awareness around sustainability is at an all time high.

81% of respondents of a recent global survey felt companies should be doing a lot more to help to improve the environment. That rises even higher when you look at the millennial generation. Millennials are about to enter a period of peak purchasing power in 2020. With widespread pressure and high-profile anti-plastic campaigns, the debate has moved from the fringes, to the mainstream.

Any brand worth its salt is looking for concrete ways to cull plastic from their packaging. That has an obvious effect on how you package your goods and what you send them out in. For the drinks retailer, you have the added pressure of ensuring bottles arrive in the state you sent them in. And that’s not easy.

What is Pulpsafe?

Pulpsafe makes things easier. It offers high levels of protection for shipping bottles with the greenest possible eco-credentials. It comes with options for shipping 1 to 12 bottles and 1 to 3 Magnums – pretty much every bottle size in the UK. Not only is it just as easy to use as other transit ranges, its flexible nature allows for some variations in bottle shapes, that more rigid materials would struggle to accommodate.

The other thing we like about Pulpsafe is that it’s made right here in the UK. You can beat local production.

WBC Pulpsafe offers 100% environmentally friendly protective packaging for bottles. Shop WBC wholesale protective packaging. Next day Delivery Available.

Why is Pulpsafe good for bottle transit?

Pulpsafe is lightweight, robust and suitable for international air freight. It is capable of withstanding the roughest of conveyor based sorting system. But where PulpSafe really comes into its own, is when it’s compared to PolySafe (Polystyrene based) and Safe Air protective packaging options (plastic based).

When transporting fine wines or expensive bottles, polystyrene always comes top of our pick list. However, while it’s technically recyclable too, current local government provisions make it hard to find facilities to do so. Air safe has a similar problem – it performs well but its a plastic bag essentially. For those looking for high performance and an environmental friendliness, now there’s finally an alternative on the market. 

The Science behind Pulpsafe

Pulp is made by combining water and recycled paper, often card offcuts and recycled newspaper. This mush like substance is then moulded using wet pressing technology, which is heated to give it strength and rigidity.

Pulp gives new life to surplus waste paper and reduces the need for virgin paper. WBC’s manufacturing partners operate a closed loop system, that utilises all their own packaging waste in the production of the pulp.

There are many products on the market with claim to be compostable, biodegradable, or recyclable but PulpSafe is accepted for recycling by all local councils, without the need for specialist treatment.

If that wasn’t great news already, it also biodegrades in just 6 months or less. Most “biodegradable” products only biodegrade in carefully controlled industrial composting systems. You can dispose Pulpsafe in any household compost heap, which fantastic news for your end user.

Pulpsafe biodegrades 449.5 years quicker than its plastic counterparts!

 The Production Process

The Pulpsafe production begins by creating special moulds used during the manufacture process. 

Using a Wet Pressing Technology, pulp is vacuum formed into a mould. Then it’s wet pressed for a superior finish before being transferred into the tri-zone dryer. The dryer evaporates the excess water at a controlled rate, to prevent burning or scorching. Once it’s dry, moulded pulp retains its rigid shape.

How does Pulpsafe compare with WBC’s other transit packaging ranges?

All of our re-packing, budget and mailsafe ranges of protective packaging have strong eco credentials. Most contain 7% recycled content and are 100% recyclable. PulpSafe takes what it means to be green to another level. 

To help you work out which transit options is best for you, here’s a summary of the key differences and benefits below.

Available for delivery next day from just a few pieces right up to bulk deliveries on pallets. For large order contact our team on 020 7737 4040 or email

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