light grey / white marble risers displaying cheese

How to create eye-catching cheese boards & displays

Creating enticing displays that maximise your cheese sales doesn’t have to be hard, or expensive. Create an eye-catching display using a range of our products, whatever your budget.

What products would you recommend to cheese retailers that want to create a more eye-catching display?

Whether you’re displaying towers of farmstead cheddar or rows of ash rolled logs of goat’s cheese. The breath-taking shapes, colours and aromas of cheese really are the stars of the show when it comes to displays. Saying that, there are a few key items which could support, promote and celebrate effectively.

Whist in many respects temperatures are very sensitive with cheese displays; our low acrylic risers literally will lift products suggestively, without compromising temperatures. Use these risers as invisible tools to help create architecture within your display.

Furthermore, foodies and cheese fanatics alike are always looking for knowledge when it comes to products like cheese. “…who made it?” “…which milk is used?” “…does it go well with a Sancerre?” Signage tells the story behind the product. It reveals and describes the wonders of the product, the season and the craft. Our display easels make it possible for you to print in your company logo on striking, textured fine stationery. And all the lovely information about your cheeses. When signage is done well, not only can it be informative it can also be a striking complement to an already wonderful product.

cheese ticketing and signage showing the name and origin of cheese displayed

Alongside the cheese, there are many condiments which are also intrinsic when it comes to building an eye-catching display. Packaged oatcakes, boules of stoneground sourdough, jars of pungent chutneys and bowls of succulent fragrant olives. They all help to support and adore a magnificent display. With these in mind, your counters above and beyond all help to create and support a beautiful display.

Use our wonderful counter display boxes for filling your selection of crackers, oatcakes or breadsticks. Alternatively, if your business is short on space, our two and three tired countertop display units help you build vertically. Allowing you to showcase your packed products whilst minimising counter space.

Our wide range of carved wooden boards are stunning additions to any display, especially ones that frame cheese! Alternatively, take your displays to ultimate luxury with marble boards and stands, available in dark and light grey / white. Meanderings small boards can punctuate jars of chutneys, piccalilli or cornichons. Of course, the large board with its large surface space and dramatic handle can boast bountiful displays of artisan bread – the next best thing to cheese if you ask me!

grey marble board displaying cheese and grapes wooden board displaying cheese and grapes.

Glass has always been a desired material when displaying food with many issues surrounding it. Our acrylic range can allow you to fill bowls with chestnuts, vine ripe grapes or olives to the very brim, without a worry.

Sampling is an important aspect of cheese selling. Are there any products you could recommend that make for a good tasting area?

Marble display board served as a cheese tasting in store

Tasting areas are extremely important. This area of your business is where your customers will first encounter you as a business and the product on hand to taste. Both need to be amazing and both need to inspire the customer to effectively to fall in love…

Our BRIX modular display units allow you to create and recreate strategic positions for tasting areas. You may wish to have a tasting table adjacent to a wine display to eloquently refer to wine and cheese pairings as a point of enjoyment and potential up-sales. Or, you may want a tasting area at the point of entrance in your business to greet people as they enter with true hospitality.

Finally, a tasting area which is right in the middle of your shop on a cold winters day with melting raclette to causes real sensation… Either way, the tasting area should be mobile, strategic and enticing.

A good tasting area will also have products packed up ready to be sold for all those impulse buy customers. Wax paper & twine, card trays & lids, even gifting wicker hampers should all be in arms reach at your tasting area. Once your customers have had a taste of your cheese, the next thing would be to create a sale!

Have you got any new or novel retail display tips you could share with cheese retailers?

  • Cheese is seasonal which is often not embraced.
  • Cheese should be displayed in categories or classifications for ease of shopping.
  • Create winning gifts by choosing a selection of your cheeses and packaging them as a gift!

cheese, chutney and port gift wrapped in cellophane on a marble board

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