Fashionable tote bags for Gail’s Bakery

Our long standing relationship with Gail’s dates back to 2008 when they were called the Bread Factory. 11 years on, our relationship has blossomed. We have been supplying them with printed bags for life and retail furniture since then. Our most recent project entailed a printed bag beautifully embroidered in their colours.

Back in the 90’s Gail Mejia brought together the best bakers in town to bake for London’s top chefs. Ironically named the Bread Factory, the wholesale business exclusively specialised in handmade traditional artisan baking. After opening their first Gail’s Bakery in London’s Hampstead High Street in 2006, there are now 43 bakeries in neighbourhoods around London baking fresh, handmade bread, pastries and cakes every single day.

Arranging a visit to the design studio at WBC, Gail’s shared their ambitions to develop a range of products to sit alongside their famed baked goods. The team were looking for a bag that would promote their brand and offer their customers a genuinely useful product with strong ethical values at an affordable price point.

As ever, the first three questions to be answered are How Soon, How Many, How Much?

With a 3-4 month delivery target, a forecast of 2500+ bags and budget of up to £3 per bag it becomes quite clear that WBC Bags For Life Standard Service is exactly the right fit for this project. Sifting through the bag library for a preferred shape and size of the bag is a fun way to decide on a style that suits the audience you want to reach. Deciding on handle lengths, fabric colours and print or embroidery options really starts to bring the design part of this process to life.

CLIENT: Gail’s
SERVICE: Standard
BAG STYLE: 10oz Hackney Tote
MIN.ORDER: 500 Units
LEAD TIME: 12-14 weeks


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  1. Ruth Clougherty at 1:23 pm

    This looks very lovely – you’ve done some great simple tote bags for me (in natural and then again in black and gold – the natural one was much better quality than the black one, but I guess that was reflected by the cost as they were more expensive) My company is called ‘Gin & Yin Retreats’ – If you still have my logo on your files, can you send me a proof of what this would look like – also would it be possible to send me a sample bag so I can see the quality of it – my address is 30 St. Mary’s Road, Long Ditton, Surrey KT6 5EY

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