FROM BAGS TO RICHES: Brand Building & Partnerships

Whether you’re a micro business, a small independent producer or one of the UK’s most recognisable brands on the high street – your brand is reinforced by everything that carries your name. So whether it’s bags, products or packaging – the customer now sees & has access everything with your name on. The current challenging economic climate calls for a holistic approach and encourages retailers to collaborate with partners who share the same values. And by collaboration, it’s creating a recipe for success. It is all about finding the winning ingredients; partnership, commitment and transparency.

2018 saw a huge wave of customers looking for better quality and more buying justification based on product ‘roots’ and ‘value’, and 2019 so far has been no different.


Working closely with local bakers and heritage brands alike, WBC Bags For Life produces more than just bags, we produce a brand experience. Whether it’s a simple £2 jute shopper carrying a message for an artisan cheese producer or a leather-trimmed £40 tote sold in an aspirational food hall, the specialist team work in partnership to deliver your brief.

It is the result of a new circle of commerce evolving. Buyers, designers and producers partnering to achieve common commercial goals that acknowledge the skilled people who ultimately produce the items. Driven by savvy consumers, organisations working hard to build this circle are offering the most authentic form of brand loyalty.

Long gone is the secrecy of supply chain, it is now a seal of approval to be working transparently with a trade supplier like WBC Bags For Life. The assurance of long-established production partners, combined with an eye for trends and branding, singles out the London based specialist bag supplier as an essential player in developing bags that really do have life.
The long life of a product that carries your brand or message makes simple economic sense, the longer your product is used, the wider reach your brand or message will have. This isn’t just about the numbers adding up, it also makes ethical sense.

Regardless of economic challenges, it is becoming clear that transparency and traceability are vital to ensuring that products are fit for purpose and fulfil responsible practices throughout the whole supply chain.

Consumers are demanding this and those embracing that message are proof of its success, at the peril of those who don’t. From humble jute sacks through to collectable totes, it is clear that consumers now understand the provenance of the products they use. The days of disposable cheap merchandise is diminishing, increasingly consumers are choosing to buy fewer, but better quality products.

This reinforces the importance of creating a small suite of branded products that communicate your brand values to the people who are buying or using the products you make for them. Working together as partners, it is possible to create a range that fits your budget, defines your values, delivers on quality and benefits everyone throughout the supply chain. That includes you and your customers!

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