What are product bundles & how to use them

Retailers across the UK share a common goal, trying to increase the revenue from products sold. How this goal is approached, can vary dramatically between businesses, and some are completely free to apply with fantastic results.

What are Product Bundles? 

Product bundling is an age-old sales and marketing trick. It involves grouping products together in bundles with the aim of increasing the average order value, and in turn, sales. One of the easiest ways to product bundle is by theme. Think about seasonal events for example. You’ll find a bunch of them in our recently published National Food & Drink Awareness Days for 2019. Ask yourself how you can match your offering with nations calendar of social events, awareness days or holidays. Create a calendar that works for you. Build standout hotspots and retail promotional at eye-level using a range of bundled products. Then drive customer’s attention towards your hotspot.


The most recent national awareness day was Shrove Tuesday ‘AKA’ Pancake Day, marking the beginning of Lent. It’s the day before the fast, where overeating is fully encouraged. The country will be stocking up on eggs, flour and favourite toppings the weekend, or evening in advance.

days like this are the perfect excuse to product bundle. Think about how you can create a dedicated area in your store. How can you promote products most commonly bought on Pancake Day? Lemon & sugar, eggs, flour, milk, chocolate spread. What about gluten free & vegan options if that’s your forte.

Move things around your store to create a dedicated space within eye reach of your customers. Use one of our flexible retail stands to create your in-store bundle hotspot. Then simply group the products together; eggs, flours, milk, and every topping imaginable to create an instant eye-catching display. Why not consider bundle pricing – or ‘meal deals’ as the big supermarkets call them.

This is also a clever opportunity to sell slow-moving lines such as honey and jams or alternative flours and nut milk. These are products that can be often get overlooked or hiddenmore prominent products. By bundling, you bring them back to the forefront.


Proved to be some of the most popular ways of increasing footfall and sales, every year the big brands enter a competition of who sells more! Just look at this year’s Valentine’s Day ‘meal deals’ from some of the UK’s largest supermarkets.



Give your customers the option of purchasing ‘everything needed’ for their perfect Pancake Day for a slightly lower price than bought separately. Don’t be afraid to shout loud about the offering. Signage sells and should never be forgotten.

While customers do require every single ingredient, especially during the days of meal kit deliveries such as Mindful Chef, Gusto and Abel & Co, remember to also offer the option of buying individual ingredients. No customer – including ourselves – wants to feel pressured into buying more than they need.


Bill’s website 2019 Pancake Day promotion

Bill’s takeaway jams and chutneys

Whether you have an online shop, or serve pancakes in your cafe like our lovely customer Farmer Copleys, this is your chance to up sell!

Shout about it across social media, and on your website!

And if your business model incorporates more than just one function, offer ingredients or toppings as an add on sale. It’s a perfect ‘try before you buy’ approach, where customers can recreate your recipes at home!

And if you have tried this, or are experimenting with product bundles or bundle pricing, send us your photos! We’d love to see & share on social media!

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