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What is a sneeze guard and does your business need one?

In any fresh food business, there are always two types of customers: those who touch and those who don’t. For the most part, touching fresh fruit and veg or clothes etc is just how we shop. We just can’t help ourselves. And because that has obvious consequences for retailers, it spawns conversely two types of retailer. Those who subscribe to food products being protected from human elements whilst on display and those happy to leave it au natural. We asked WBC’s resident food presentation guru, Gerry Moss, should your food products be behind a sneeze guard?

During the night while most of us are asleep, artisan products like baked goods are being made up and down the country. What makes these sought-after products desirable, is the fact they are created by hand. That very tangible process of creation gives uncompromising excellence to texture, form and flavour. It adds a value to a product that a machine could never hope to give. 

Whilst there’s a general understanding that baked goods are produced by hand, it doesn’t always follow that hands-on contact should continue once on display. The reality is that 50% of the public are worried about hygiene when they shop. Most consumers feel that when they shop at farmers markets or bakeries, food should be protected either by means of plastic packaging or via the use of an acrylic barrier to guard against human elements.  

The other 50% deem it unnecessary to shield such products. More and more fresh food businesses today who cater to both schools of thought are using acrylic food guards or sneeze guards as a means to synergise two very opposing views.

What is a sneeze guard?

A sneeze guard is a barrier placed between people and food to protect the food from bacteria and other germs. Did you know a sneeze can propel bacteria outwards at a speed up to 40 miles per hour? Not a good look.

The great thing about a sneeze guard is it creates a translucent barrier between customers and products without changing the character of your food. It gives a sense of added hygiene protection for those who are concerned. But in no way change artisan products like a plastic packaging concept would in terms of texture and moisture, leaving the integrity of the hand made product intact. A food guard can give your customer base the insurance they need to enjoy your business without disrespect to craft.

sneeze guard at Balance Cafe Waterloo, London


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