Save budget with these 5 gifting secrets

We’re often asked to divulge our top retail secrets. Our customers want quick and easy ‘must-dos’ that guarantee to bring you extra profits with minimal outlay. The truth is, it’s your feedback over the years of what works and what doesn’t, that helps us hone and perfect the products we offer. And we’ve picked up some key principles along the way, here are 5 gifting secrets that will save you budget should know about.

1. Less is more

It may seem strange telling you to be prudent when considering how much to stock to buy from us, but the fact is, we want you to thrive during the financial downturn.

So, when choosing what gift packaging or hamper products to offer your customers, try to keep your range to a well coordinated minimum. For example, just one of our standard fluted card gift cartons could be dressed to cater for a variety of seasonal gifting opportunities. There’s no need to buy every colour, simply dress it differently with a wide range of finishing touches or add a different range of products. You’d be surprised how many customers over stock, but this way you won’t end up with an unnecessary abundance of product lines, or all your cash tied up in stock.

2. That’s a wrap

Prepare a pre-packed shelf of ready-to-buy gifts to give customers ideas and offer them the chance to make a quick decision. This creates a sense of getting a pick of the best of what you, the experts, have selected from your stock. Clients get advice without having to ask for it, a thoughtful gift without the effort.

‘Self-selection’ is a wonderful and intimate concept for those who can afford the time, but having a simple pre-prepared gift box takes indecision out of the equation along with the embarrassment for customers holding up a queue. Branching out into a time saving, pre-packed hamper initiatives will maximise your profits and introduce a new range of clients.

WBC Gift Bags for Christmas

3. Razzle Dazzle

To help you make the most of your packaging and add perceived value to any hamper or gift, WBC has a few tricks up our sleeve when it comes to shred and fill.

We have a palette of virtually unlimited colour options for you to blend, mix and match to your exact requirements. A combination of matte and iridescent shred will add an expensive looking glamorous touch while bows,  ribbons and accessories will give your hampers and gifts a sumptuous impression of luxury.

4. Waste not, want not

Save your company money while contributing to the environment by recycling your waste. Use what waste you receive as a base for hamper beds, then decorate them with an appropriate amount of shred or fill on top.

Your customers won’t feel hard done by, studies show that customers don’t like being left with a lot of packaging waste anyway, so they’ll be even more impressed by a concept that’s nifty, thrifty and green.

5. This time it’s personal

Have you tried offering pre-packed hamper gifts to local businesses?

WBC also offers a gift and hamper branding service with runs as small as 50 units. What’s more, it generally takes only 10 working days from artwork approval. Branding a company logo on gift packaging gives an impression of professionalism and class but doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Another idea would be to offer your pre-packed gifts to local businesses for ‘employee of the month’ awards, or for their special customers, or as an apology / good-will gesture. Marketing flyers offering corporate deals and easy ready-made hampers will bring in important repeat business, as will offering local businesses the opportunity of tasting evenings, themed nights or corporate events. Most importantly, these added extras will generate and maximise your profits.

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