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Our Top 6 Favourites From Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2018

We paid a visit to this year’s Speciality Fine Food Fair to catch up with some of our existing customers and explore all the new & exciting businesses that are bringing their products to market. Speciality Fine Food Fair is the speciality industry’s largest trade fair, giving over 700 artisan producers a stage in which they can showcase their products. Even Lord Sugar attended this year to support one of his The Apprentice winners.

As you may have noticed, it’s been a good few years since we exhibited at Speciality Fine Food Fair. Or at any trade show at all. That’s because we’ve been keeping ourselves busy developing new ranges that you told us would help you sell more and display better. But that doesn’t mean we don’t attend fairs, or won’t be exhibiting at Speciality again soon.

Our takeaway from this year’s show is that the speciality market is growing. Retailers are – now more than ever – focusing on refining their ranges, improving recipes and really becoming experts in their field – rather than being the ‘jack of all trades’. It’s proving our Retail Trend for 2018, Speciality Will Thrive, and is becoming to do so for the first time in decades.

Below we’ve highlighted our top 6 products from this year’s Speciality Fine Food Fair, and given you reasons to exactly why they’re our favourites! So here’s to you all!

Our top 5 Speciality Favourites

In no particular order, here’s a list of our top products from this year’s show. We hope you all have a prosperous year ahead of you!

  1. Growers Garden – broccoli crisps
  2. Tayport Distillery – Never.25 eau de vie
  3. Wildings – duck crackling
  4. Mellow Yellow – mayonnaise and dressings
  5. Fearne & Rosie – jams
  6. Hawkshead Relish – Black Garlic Pickle

The Stories Behind the Products

Growers Garden – broccoli crisps

Born in East Scotland, Growers Garden is a joint venture between a group of friends from neighbouring farms. Their broccoli crisps taste good, and do good. They help reduce food waste, promote sustainable farming and taste delicious even though they’re made from at least 27% fresh broccoli!

Check out their flavours and how to buy on their website.

Image Courtesy of Growers Garden


Tayport Distillery – Never.25 eau de vie

We met the lovely Kecia, who started and launched the business with her husband earlier this year. Using local grains and fresh fruits, Never.25 is a Scottish take on the European Eau de Vie. Kecia made us two cocktails, one with Never.25 Strawberry and mint tonic, and the other with Never.25 Apple and Ginger Ale – and they were delicious! A great alternative to traditional spirits, it’s beautiful packaging and taste are a great Christmas present for the family, and for making cocktails!

Explore the products online. 

Wildings – duck crackling 

A delicious alternative to traditional crackling, Wildings have created an absolute winner with their duck crackling. Available in 3 flavours (our favourite was the smoked sea salt and kampot pepper flavour), they’re a great accompaniment to beer & drinks, or enjoyed on their own. Albeit crackling may sound naughty, Wildings products are made from natural ingredients, are gluten free and have won recognition awards for Paleo Excellence. Organic and guilt-free snacking at a new level, whilst reducing food waste.

View and buy their products online. 

Top 5 products at Speciality Food show

Fearne & Rosie – jams

Fearne and Rosie is a brand created by Rachel, Fearne and Rosie’s mum. We met Rachel at the show, where she explained how their story began.

Inspired to provide her children with healthier (not healthy) food options, she started the business from their kitchen. High quality produce that contains less salt, less sugar and no junk whatsoever, Fearne & Rosie now offer a variety of jams, ketchup and a pasta sauce.

You can shop and stock their products by contacting Rachel online. We wish you all the best for the future!

Mellow Yellow – mayonnaise and dressings

Launched initially by Duncan as an olive oil brand, Mellow Yellow diversified into dressings and mayonnaise when Duncan’s wife Eli began making dressings as samples for exhibitions and trade fairs. Everyone who tasted it, suggested they should start turning the samples into real products. A suggestion that was brought to life and is now stocked across the country in many supermarkets and deli’s.

We tried and tested their mayonnaise and classic vinaigrette and fell in love at first taste. Most dressings can also be used as marinades for oven baked goods, a multi-purpose product that can used across a variety of foods – just check our their recipes online.

Hawkshead Relish – Black Garlic Pickle

Last but definitely not least, and complete with a fresh new rebrand are Hawkshead Relish. This year they only went and won a Great Taste Award for their new Black Garlic Pickle. We weren’t sure what we loved more, the pickle or the fabulous ladies on the stand

Check out their flavours and how to buy on their website.

Speciality & Fine Food - Hawkshead Relish

Our Guilty Pleasure

Oh we nearly forgot…. this year’s guilty pleasure award goes to Belgian Boys, and their cookie butter. We also love their #rockthatstash campaign!  They encourage customers to Instagram a photo with their mini cookie stash, and a nominated charity. Each month they donate a part of their proceedings to the #rockthatstash winner’s nominated charity. A wonderful way to engage with customers, and give back. Well done guys!


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