Meet the Team: Danhai Lowe WBC

Meet the Team: Danhai Lowe

Meet Danhai Lowe, who keeps the wheels moving here at WBC HQ. Whether it’s solving problems for clients, chasing couriers down or ordering food to keep us well fed, Danhai cares about whatever she turns her hand to. Meet the Team: Danhai Lowe – WBC Blog 

Meet Danhai Lowe

Meet the Team: Danhai Lowe WBC

Danhai has a wonderful gift of teaching us all by example. You’ll never catch Danhai chewing on a steak, as a life-long vegan and tea-totaller, she has shown us all the benefits of consuming a little less flesh and booze. Whilst never preaching her virtues, we all enjoy a little more plant based food with our lunches since she joined us. Of course, she does still order a good mix of meat to keep those of us who like to get their protein from animal based products, but she certainly dons gloves to handle it.

Danhai arrives at the office each morning on a scooter powered by her left foot. She sets up the kitchen with hot coffee and clean spaces for the arrival of our fresh Christopher’s Bakery bread. For her a green tea is the morning drink of choice, before heading upstairs to log in to our yodel delivery system. Her job is to make sure all your promised parcels are en route as expected.

Danhai’s day is varied. Ranging from receiving calls from customers about new projects to encouraging those with credit accounts to settle their bills. While working, she always makes sure good energy flows in abundance.  

Popping downstairs to the WBC kitchen ahead of the lunch rush, Danhai makes sure it’s ready for the onslaught of WBC’s hungry team. When Gerry’s not about, she’ll pick salad leaves from the WBC Garden. And always a few vine tomatoes to make sure even the most ardent meat eaters get their local meat-free sustenance.

The afternoon rush can last right up until 3pm. As staggered starts and lunches spread the day out, by 5pm the kitchen is back to normal. The tap room all set up and ready for any impromptu evening beers. A quick check round to make sure everything is switched off and ready to leave. Danhai can hop back on her scooter home for the day. Or grab a ginger beer with anyone staying for one.

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