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Whole Foods Denim shopper is hot to trot: Bag of the Month

This is not the first time a Whole Foods Market bag has made it into our bag of the month.We’re sure it won’t be the last. As a business, Whole Foods Market has always been ahead of the game when it comes to avoiding single use plastic bags. Today, their grocery bags are a significant income generator for their business.  To build on the success of their classic jute hot & cold shoppers, Whole Foods wanted to develop a contemporary younger looking premium version to keep food cool or warm for a few hours. Enough time to get your food home! We’re really excited about the outcome, and if sales are anything to go, their customers are too!. This month, the Whole Foods Denim shopper is hot to trot and absolutely our Bag of the Month. 

The Brief – From Jute to Denim

Anyone can offer a shopper, but in the case of Whole Foods’ cooler bags, there was a definite goal and purpose in mind. The team wanted to find away to increase average order value by offering genuine value to the consumer, whilst reducing the need for single use plastic. Of course it also had to generate good profit margins for the stores. 

The perfect place to start was to road test using jute material as the basis for their bag offering. Jute has a natural, raw and organic appeal that fuses perfectly with the brands ethos and social commitments. You can see some of their past designs here.

UK Wholesale Printed bags - Whole Foods Market Bag of the Month

So why move to raw denim?

Whole Foods wanted a bag that would appeal to a wider audience and reflect the brands values. If you’ve yet to understand the denim appeal, you only have to look at Cosmopolitan’s 10 reasons it’s the greatest invention ever to find how hot it is right now.

Among the most versatile and practical of fabrics, denim stands the test of time. Given fashion’s current utilitarian mood it is not surprising, in fact in many ways it performs very much in the same was that jute does. Raw, organic, functional, reused – all connotation that getting massive traction in the upper echelons of designer menswear (try typing selvedge denim into instagram) and everywhere on the high street.

For Whole Foods, using a denim fabric with handles and a premium cooler lining, created a premium and fashionable price point. It’s also the highest price point we have tried in their range.  Reports are that it is already performing really well

Whole Foods Market Denim shopper

Always ahead of the game, Whole Foods Market quickly cottoned onto the fact that their bags have become collectors items. And here’s the latest addition to their Hot & Cold range, the uber-hip denim shopping bag. The inside of the bag is foil-lined to keep the food hot or cold for up to 5 hours. What’s more, the ethical retailer will replace any worn out bags free of charge. That really is a bag for life! 

Add on sales are an obvious way to increase average customer spend. Achieving this whilst ensuring the offering is truly of value can be more challenging.

We think Whole Foods Market have found the right balance. The value you get with this bag in terms of quality and functionality at a fair price, is spot on.

Buying an ethically produced high quality cooler shopper finished in a premium denim fabric for less than £10, is great value.  The store makes a good margin as well as reducing the expense of giving away paper shopping bags – hard to see who doesn’t win here.


Client: Whole Foods Market UK
Service: Bespoke
Lead Time: 14 Weeks
Bag Ref: Denim Cool Tote
Material: Denim with Cooler Lining
Minimum Quantity: 1000 Units

Bag of the Month: Whole Foods Denim shopper

British buyers are snapping up hot & cold shoppers, and now with foil lining inside, cool bags are seriously hot right now. With minimum runs of just 500 pieces, why not choose your style today. Save these two seasonal cycles to help you plan ahead in good time.

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