Getting ready for the show: Printed Promotional bags giveaways

September sees one of the busiest trade show & exhibition quarters of the trading year. So if you’re planning on exhibiting, you may already be thinking about how to build your exhibition stand without breaking the bank. Or what promotional tools you can offer once you’re set up. The question is, with competition tougher than ever, how do you stand out from the crowd? How can you leave a great impression? What affordable ways can you maximise publicity? In this blog we discuss Getting ready for the show with Printed Promotional bags giveaways – that do all of this and more.

Trade show giveaways

Trade show exhibiting is about leaving a great impression. But it’s also about not leaving a hole in your budget when you’re finished. If there one thing we know, exhibiting at trade shows is an expensive operation. Aside from the stand itself, there is a host of eye-watering expenses which whatever way you try and do it on the cheap, still seems to rack up.

Branded promotional giveaways are a necessary evil and have become the common place currency of trade shows. Done well, they can set your business apart, have their use and attract visitors to your stand. Like it or lump it, everyone loves a free giveaway. Sure you could spend your budget on a giveaway Apple iPad competition, that will certainly draw the crowds, but quickly add up. But as affordable giveaways go, who can resist a beautifully designed tote bag that’s going for free – we certainly can’t. They may be total cliche, but for whatever reason show bags have become part of exhibition culture. But that’s because they work. They offer your business a chance to promote your style, values and the key message behind your business, in a cost effective way.

Read on to find out how ordering printed bags can work like magic to increase footfall and sales…

Let your bags do the talking

Giving away bags printed with your logo will ensure your business is advertised all over the show. Bags act like a walking billboard, all the time promoting your brand to an infinite audience, while you get down to the job of selling. They’re the best marketeers ever. But they’re also an inexpensive tool that has longevity. They aren’t called bags for life for nothing. So you can guarantee that even after the show, they’re still working hard for their money. 

WBC bags for life trade show bags UK

Image : Warriors Studio / Creative Edinburgh

Watch out for cheap imitations

The internet is saturated with cheap merchandise companies flogging sub standard totes that really should be called bags for a minute. Google cheap bags and you’ll find them. But one word of warning, actually two – DON’T BOTHER. This is your brand we’re talking about, compromising on quality is just not worth it. At WBC bags for life we produce eco-friendly printed bags for life using our super-fast overprinting service or fully customisable economy service. Either which way we ethically produce reusable bags using natural fibres that help you be good to the planet, increase your profits (if you decide to sell them) and promote your brand. And we offer them sensibly priced ( less than a pre packed sandwich) while NEVER compromising on quality. Don’t believe us, try us – ask us for a sample and we’ll send one out.

It’s all in the design

So you want bags for your next show, how does it work? Simple…. in 3 steps.

1.Choose a bag

Our 7 day EXPRESS SERVICE has a stock range of over 30 plain bag styles to choose from.We can even send samples to you first, allowing you to get the size right and for us to show you the superb quality of our bags. 

2.Choose you quantity

With minimum orders of only 250 bags, the Express service is perfect for cost affordable show bags that maybe cheap but are totes quality.

3.Send us your design

Bags can be overprinted in up to six colours either side within just 7 working days. Make sure your design is HOT and you’ll get all the love.

We’re also constantly adding to our 7 day collection of bags. We’ve added new colours and innovative designs and styles, that normally you’d only be able to get using a bespoke bag service. Not anymore. We’ve chosen designs that will always stand out from the crowd. And all printed in just 7 days.


We’ve been busy expanding our offices to build a brand new showroom and studio that we hope will make your visiting experience even better. Book a showroom visit to meet our designers and talk to us about your next bag job. It’s a great opportunity to look through samples and touch and feel new materials. Simply pop us a message here –  we’d love to meet you in person.

Finally…make visitors work for their freebie

People aren’t used to getting something for nothing, so why give it to them? When offering promotional bags consider asking visitors for their email address or area of interest. You could even run a survey or questionnaire to get feedback about new product ranges. The point is, exchange a freebie for data and it will help you build your mailing list.

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