How to build an effective exhibition stand without killing someone

Few of us like to admit to it, but exhibiting at trade shows and exhibitions can be painful. If it isn’t painful for you, the chances are you have a whopping great budget, a million staff and little to do but scan people over the threshold occasionally. You lucky creatures. But for the vast majority of independent producers, it’s hard work often done on a shoe string budget with little help. That’s where the BRIX modular display system really comes into its own. It’s a no nonsense, beautifully effective way to build big or small, without even the need for a screwdriver. Here’s how to build an effective exhibition stand without killing someone.

Why can’t exhibition display be simple?

If only it was just about networking. Or meeting customers and attending inspiring seminars. How about the fabulous tastings. Or drinking coffee from a neighbours stand, before walking away with a book full of orders; then fine, happy days, where do we sign up? But we all know it isn’t that simple or painless. Like it or lump it, every trade show or exhibition comes bookended with the dreaded set up and the tear down.

If you’re anything like us, you can’t figure out why you’re always the very last person in the hall setting up your stand. Why every box of brochures feels more like carrying a small box of humans. Or why after you’ve made ten trips back and forth from the car park, you still seem to be the only exhibitor without a trolley or a million strongmen to help you push it.

But exhibiting is necessary and useful. So for those of us looking for a more sedate, calm, and sensible exhibition and trade show experience, we developed BRIX.

Build simple & effective exhibition stand quickly

Brix is a modular display system that’s easy to assemble and completely mobile. It leaves you plenty of time to set up and make it to the pub in record speed. Not only is it an affordable signature piece that’s beautifully crafted in wood and distressed metal, it also doubles up as a nifty exhibition trolley or hot spot. It requires absolutely no tools to build either. But the best bit about BRIX is that when you’re finally finished exhibiting, you can simply pack them up, shove ‘them in the back of your van and set them up again in store. BRIX are perfect for creating clever shop floor displays, and merchandised ‘hot spots’ or a complete feature wall.

So go on, make it simpler this year – buy yourself some BRIX and see how the BRIX modular display system makes your life easier at trade shows, exhibitions and pop-up events.


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