Meet the Team: Simon Preston

Meet Simon Preston. Simon keeps us compliant here at WBC Bags for Life. He is a born and bred South Londoner, which means he takes no prisoners and absolutely no nonsense. That makes him perfect for the job of bags for life compliancy officer, making sure we stay transparent throughout our supply chain. Simon has worked in the fashion and garment industry for many years now. With an impressive background, Simon started as a buyers assistant at My Sale UK. He then went on to work in wholesale buying for New Look, Asos, and latterly international merchandising at Ted Baker. We’re proud to have him as part of our team.

Compliancy & Ethics

One of Simon’s first jobs was to undergo a wholesale review of our compliancy and social responsibility procedures. That involves looking through audits and collating certifications. His job is to make sure that as a company we conduct our business ethically and responsibly, in full compliance with national and international regulations. For us, that includes certain standards that mean a lot to us here at WBC bags for life. Call it a mission statement, but it’s vital to us that we protect and champion the people who make our bags. It’s one of the reasons we have a firm commitment not to supply bags at unsustainable prices.

5 Questions for Simon

What’s your favourite part of the job?
I like ensuring that all the specifications are triple checked, then working out how to make this easy for everyone to understand. Whatever language they speak.

What’s your least favourite part of the job?
I am a bit of an excel wizard, which means I’m often asked to help others with theirs which can be painful at times.

What’s the question you get asked the most (by a customer)?
‘How quickly can you get these to me, is a question I’m often asked. It’s understandable because bespoke production takes time and planning. Fortunately, when time is of the essence we have an express service where we overprint stock bags in just 7 days.

Any favourite bag jobs you’ve done recently?
I have really enjoyed working on the new aprons we have been developing, I love the recycled canvas fabric. Our aprons have more components than most bags do. That means I get the chance to flex my compliancy muscles.

Describe your day to us?
My Circadian rhythm means that I have more energy as the day goes on, so I use the mornings for organisation and afternoons for the more technical aspects of my role.

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