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Take your business outdoors this summer

Festivals, weddings, corporate summer parties, garden parties, BBQ’s, street parties, the list of outdoor events is endless. Thanks to the beautiful weather the UK has had over the past month, summer has come early.

But how can you, as a retailer can make your summer as enjoyable (and profitable) as it is for those sitting there sipping Pimms on a Saturday afternoon?

Signage & Ticketing

We’re not all mind-readers. So consider how potential customers are supposed to find you. Do they know what you have to offer if it’s not clearly displayed?

Signage plays a crucial role for all businesses, especially ones who are competing with others at events and festivals. Remember these 3 small tips to get you noticed this summer:

  1. Print an a-frame board, or any free-standing sign with your business name and your location. Place it (if allowed) close to – and towards main traffic.
  2. Print your logo and/or business name on your stall, pop-up van, or stand so you’re easily recognisable and customers have a name to remember you by.
  3. Place a drinks or food menu board with clear handwriting and prices close to your stand. We all like to window-shop before deciding which food to commit to.


Benugo pop-up van cafe

Benugo pop-up cafe

Retail Furniture

Visual merchandising might not be a term we’re all familiar with, or fully understand. However, the way your stand, stall or van looks is as important (if not more) than what you sell.

We all know the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’, however bricks & mortar retailing is built on appearances, as we all need to get people into our ‘store’ through windows (whether you’re on the high street or your website homepage window).  By creating an attractive and welcoming space around your stand, you’ll attract more customers; potentially even get a crowd around you!

Retail furniture such as our low Kingsley tables can be a great base for condiments, cutlery & napkins. Any areas where clients help themselves, wooden stands with wicker baskets can be used to store and display everything from salt to fruit, pastries or sandwiches!

Countertop Space

Maximising your countertop space is the outdoor retailers alternative to in-store impulse buys! By labelling and displaying everything you have on offer, you could significantly increase your average order value.

Think about displaying all the bottles of drinks you have to offer. Don’t confine them to the menu. Let customers see how great your food or drink,  pastries and cookies are rather than hiding them behind you, and show your whole variety of crisps, chocolates and nuts in wicker baskets and wooden crates!

Just think, if the business next to you is also selling the same crisps as you, but doesn’t have them displayed – this is your opportunity to showcase all you have to offer!


None of us want to drink a lovely chilled glass of bubbly… out of a plastic pint glass. And as a producer, I doubt you want your drinks served in a plastic pint glass! So for these summer events that require a tad more thought, consider using real glassware. It will make your customers come back for more. Plus you could even charge a little extra for serving real glassware (or ask for a small deposit upfront so your customers bring them back).

And as with all good glassware, transportation and storage can really make or break your experience of it. Our collection of budget and premium Portaglas storage crates give you the peace of mind that your glasses arrive safely at the event, and get transported safely back to your headquarters. Plus, they’re stackable, so during the event you can simply stack them on top of each other out of your way!


wbc portaglas storage crates and loan kits

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