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Effective Store Signage and Ticketing

Retail success lies in good communication. The right store signage and ticketing allows you to quickly communicate messages like price, special promotions and product information, without saying a word. You’d be surprised just how many customers are put off by having to ask the price. 76% of shoppers never speak to a sales assistant when shopping. So the truth is, customers need help. In this blog we consider some of the effective store signage and ticketing available online from WBC at wholesale trade prices.

The Art of Silent Selling

At WBC, we have a collection of over 100 curated lines of store signage and ticketing options, all designed to help you get your message across silently and effectively. It’s what the merchandising experts call the art of ‘silent selling’, and these products will help you do it.

From simple mini blackboard signage and outdoor A-frames, to more complex merchandising displays, the point of all POS and store signage is to give customers just the right amount of information to encourage them to buy. And buy right now! Or even slow down…

The power of Clever Store Signage and Ticketing

Effective point-of-sale signage can influence up to 85% of purchases in a store. Major brands across the globe pay vast amounts to storeowners to acquire this highly prized retail space. They brand it with their company identity. For smaller retailers, signage and ticketing can be used just as powerfully. For example, if you want a customer to slow down at any point during their journey, did you know you can use retail store signage that employs humor or a play on words to literally stop people stop in their tracks?

London Underground uses a similar technique at some stations. By installing a sign near the top of the escalators with a quote of the day, passengers slow down to read it and in doing so change the pace of their journey.

In store, as your customer pauses to read your sign, you have a stronger chance of them seeing products close by and making a sale.

Read more about how to create a perfect chalk board message, and how you can use signage across your store for maximum impact. It’s easy to forget the detail, so merchandising accessories like point of sale signage, display clips, chalkboards and chalk pens bring a display to life.

Question time

As you browse our range of tried and tested off-the-shelf merchandising accessories, remember to ask yourself the following questions….

  1. Does your customer know what the products is?
  2. Can you customer clearly see the price?
  3. Is your product grouped together with relevant product types?

And remind yourself that 1/3 of all sales are lost due to poor ticketing and pricing. So it can never hurt to give your in-store communication a health check and ensure you’re not losing out.

wall-mounted signage from WBC wholesale retail supplies

Opt for conventional or cutting edge, with our wall-mounted signage your message will be heard loud and clear.

A4 Wooden Menu Clipboard - WBC Retail Supplies and furniture UK

Encourage sales with this neat and simple display idea. Just the right amount of space to advise & inform.

Miniature blackboard easels for counter and table tops - WBC retail supplies and furniture UK

Miniature blackboard easels for counter and table tops or to make use of that forgotten little corner

Wholesale Chalkboard signage - WBC retail supplies UK

Double-sided chalkboard fixes to windows allowing your message to be seen inside and out

paper roll menu holder - wbc retail supplies UK

Stylish and contemporary, the paper roll menu holder can add wonders to your decor

Signage and tickets - WBC retail supplies UK

Small signage & holders can have a big impact & radically improve sales.

magnetic display easel - WBC retail supplies UK

These simple magnetic display easels will make your in store communication more than just a bit special.

blackboard stickers

Label jars, bottles, containers or even walls and cupboards. Simply peel and stick.

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