WBC bags for life created tote shoppers for health food shop Harvest N16

Bag of the Month: Harvest N16

Inspired by the vibrant colours of spring, this month’s BOTM comes from health food shop, Harvest N16. Their colourful bag design reminds us how effective offering a collection can be. Building a cohesive range of branded shoppers using different prints and colours, can help you sell. As you plan your future bag designs this year, why not consider offering a choice of colours. Creating a series of collectable bags for life will appeal to a wider variety of tastes. That can be a great way to build loyalty and inspire repeat business.

Harvest N16

HARVEST N16 is a family run independent health food shop located in food trendy Stoke Newington.

It boasts a wide range of products and fresh produce with an emphasis on organic, Fairtrade and eco-friendliness. They also have a café, serving a variety of hot & cold drinks and organic bites. We’re told there are some killer homemade gluten-free cakes to savour there too. The cafe forms the perfect back drop for showing off their products, particularly impulse purchases and shopping essentials like bags for life.

Harvest N16 came to us after purchasing one of our tote bags and wanted to create their very own bags to sell in their store.

WBC bags for life produce bags for Harvest N16 Healthfood store Harvest N16 - WBC Bag of the Month

The design brief

The design process began by finding out how we could solve their needs. Harvest required a bag that could be almost given away at the till but that was still robust enough to be used for heavier objects. They were looking for something modern and exciting, but also cost-effective. At this stage, they had no real idea of artwork. We were able to pass this small brief onto our bags for life design team and within a couple days, came up with a range of options. After a few changes here and there, Harvest signed off and the design was ready to go.

The Printing process

The Harvest N16 bags were screen printed, which is a technique produced entirely by hand. Lewis, one of our  bags for life account manager says:

“I really enjoyed making these bags for the client and I love the final finish. They’re a great way to celebrate the start of spring. And perfect as we head towards summer. By choosing a range of different colours, the bags can cater to so many different people.”

With the plastic bag tax in place and increasing public call for products with greater environmental credentials, bags for life like this have more life in them than ever before. Harvest N16 are a great case in point and are already looking to re-order to meet demand in their community.

While Harvest N16 do not have an online website, if you fancy picking up one of these tote shoppers for yourself, visit their facebook page or drop by their store. Details below.

Client: HARVEST N16
Service: Economy Service
Lead Time:12-14 weeks
Bag Ref: C01
Material: 5oz cotton
Minimum Quantity: 500 Units

Harvest N16
172-, 174 Stoke Newington High Street, London N16 7JL

Opening times:
Monday – Saturday: 7am-10pm
Sunday: 9am-9pm

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    • Bobby Stearns at 12:07 pm

      Hi Brenda, sorry for the delay and thank you for your enquiry, I will get our bags team to contact you and and send you a quote. We’ll be in touch this week!

    • Maria Tross at 12:06 pm

      Hi Jeni, it really depends on what size cake box you’d like to fit into a bag. A lot of our jute / cotton bags have wide gussets however they tend to be bigger bags, and we also sell kraft paper bags in 3 sizes.

      Alternatively, if you give our lovely Customer Service team a call on 08000 85 85 95 we’ll be able to advise better with exact dimensions.


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