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Create the visual charm of a rural market place

The props you choose for your space can create an authenticity that charms customers and tells the story behind the provenance of your offering. WBC’s new & improved market cart can do just that. Pile it high and create the visual charm of a rural market place. 

My family have a little house in a tiny village in rural France called Saint Cezaire. Twice a week the villagers visit the local market. It used to be the only grocery shop until a handful of chains moved in. The French villagers would arrive at the market, wicker baskets in hand of course since the French said no to plastic a long time before we caught up; or you’ll be charged ‘naughty boy fees’ for the privilege.

In these village communities, when it comes to business, there still exists a reassuring air of the natural order of trading. Local produce, hand-crafted artisan goods made with the kind of personality a machine could never hope to.

Produce – eggs, cheese, bread and sun-ripened olives. There are the freshest fruit and veg still caked in the dirt because they’ve only just pulled them from the earth. It truly makes you giddy with a bizarre sense you’re witnessing how shopping or trading was really meant to be. Fighting your way through a Sainsbury’s queue 3 days a week seems a million miles away.

Selling the story, creating the charm

The village of Saint Cézaire sur Siagne, Alpes-Maritimes southeastern France

Ever present while this tiny community goes about its business, are the farmers still sweaty in their work clothes.

Still standing behind market stalls with the fruits of their labour piled high on wooden market carts.

Traditional market carts look like they’ve been around for centuries. They aren’t props for these farmers, of course, they’re the real deal.

But you too can create the scene using props or display units that give an air of authenticity to the presentation of your farm shop, deli or cafe at home. It can go a long way towards telling, or ‘selling’ the story behind the providence of your offering.

Props and display pieces to accent your store displays

It was in a bid to recreate this sense of nostalgia that we introduced wholesale reproduced market carts, but without the vintage price tag.

We used to sell the real thing, but there’s only so many times we can ‘cart’ these bad boys across the pond from India without it starting to look a little ‘terrible’ on our eco-conscience.

Market carts might be perfectly normal for village shoppers in the French countryside, being able to recreate visual stories like this are central to the success of your retail merchandising. Why? Because we’re a visual species. The more evocatively things are displayed the more we want to buy them.

The props and retail display pieces you use to accent your store displays, not only creates the wow factor, but remind customers of the provenance of your produce. The way you display can speak of the freshness of your offering and the immediacy of the moment. Almost as if the farmer that harvested that carrot, is standing there selling it herself.

The Wooden Market Cart from WBC

WBC’s large wooden cart can be used as a mobile stand for market traders, pop up shops or farm shops.

Visual merchandisers, retailers, event producers or corporate caterers can also use it to create visually stimulating displays.

This is the ultimate, iconic display cart – when it’s filled, it will look natural but leave your customers wanting to buy.

Often used to sell fruits and vegetables, the wooden display cart is great to shop in the round, allowing for total visibility of your products.

It does command a large area for display, so do take note of dimensions below. But we’ve no doubt when purchased, it will do all the selling for you.

Product Code RD/WCS
External Size width 140 cm x depth 80 cm  x height 77 cm
Pack Size 1
Price £442.79 ex VAT

The large wooden market cart can be purchased online from WBC by clicking here and a host of countertop display including wicker baskets, display bowls and risers can be purchased direct from us.

Perfect for Farm shops, delis and grocery stores

Bring the outdoors in with a display unit that immediately sets the tone. Stack your fruit and veg high, shop in the round and wheel your products in and out of markets!

Perfect for bakeries

Sourced Market brings the best food & drink Britain has to offer from fantastic independent British producers and what better way to entice than with WBC’s wooden market cart.

Fantastic for garden centres

The wooden market cart can be easily customised and painted to match your brand’s colours. Here Wyevale Garden Centre has painted their cart white to blend seamlessly in with their white BRIX modular display units.

Beautiful for Florist displays

Use display risers and counter-top display containers to create height and depth.

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