Build effective displays at events, pop-up’s and exhibitions

Our BRIX modular display system helps create interchangeable retail structures that are more versatile than traditional fixed options. Which is exactly what makes the BRIX ideal for both online retailer who exhibit and brick & mortar retailers needing a flexible solution for in-store, pop-up events and exhibitions.

Instead of paying huge sums for a custom made exhibition stand, WBC’s modular display range will help you adapt your layout as and when exhibition space demands. Create a mid-floor display, a hot-spot or even build a mobile wall display.

And to show you exactly how easy putting it up is, we filmed our very own team building it at the Retail Design Expo 2017.

All you need is some creativity and pre-planning.

For inspiration on the range, view our BRIX brochure or visit the BRIX page in our web-store.

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