Bag of the Month: Dobbies Garden Centre

Welcome to this month’s bag of the month and it comes from Dobbies Garden Centre. Dobbies, is an independent garden centre group, founded in 1865 by James Dobbie. It operates 34 garden centres and restaurants in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland and was once awarded the Royal warrant for Gardeners and Nurserymen to the Royal Household. Last year, in the 200th anniversary year of the birth of James Dobbies, the company installed a new chief executive, Nicholas Marshall who has ambitious plans for the group’s growth.

Bags for Dobbies

WBC producing bags for life for Dobbies Garden Centre

WBC bags for life are working closely with the Dobbies’ creative team to develop products that will expand their offering. The current bags for life line up includes two stand out fabric tote bags that will be sold in-store across various departments.

Unlined tote fabric thats 100% biodegradable

The first of the two bags designed for Dobbies, is an oversize jute shopper. The shopper is laminated on the inside, allowing it to be easily wiped clean. Laminating your shopper is an ideal and popular choice for many garden centres, grocery stores and food halls. Next up, is a bag made from softened Jute fabric that’s tactile and robust as it is soft and strong. This new unstructured oversize-tote is unlined and 100% natural and biodegradable.  Containing absolutely no plastic, should the bag ever wear out, it will gradually break down back into the soil it came from.  Read more about how you can eliminate plastic from your bag designs.

Dobbies branded bags offer customers quality and stylish functionality, at an affordable price point. Part of the brief given to us from Head of Visual Merchandising, Craig Roman, was to match the bag with the brands ethical aspirations. The result is an environmentally beneficial bag for life, that ensures everyone throughout the supply chain benefits. There is a strong history between Scotland and the Jute industry. Whilst all jute fabric now comes from India and Bangladesh, in the late 19th Century it was Scotland supplying almost all of the worlds jute fabric.

Cocobagh – Social Business Venture

Dobbies has played an influential role in supporting Bags For life social action programs in West Bengal. They have helped to raise awareness of the Cocobagh project – a social business venture helping marginalised women in rural developing communities. WBC bags for life has set-up a training centre where women from the local community to learn the skills needed to gain employment. Cocobagh is a self-sustaining business, with 100% of its profits re-invested into creating further training opportunities for the community.

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ClientDobbies Garden Centre
Service: Economy
Lead Time: 12-14 weeks
Bag Ref: Bespoke
Material: Laminated Jute
Minimum Quantity: 500

Unstructured oversize tote bag made from softened Jute. 100% plastic free, natural and biodegradable.

ClientDobbies Garden Centre
Service: Economy
Lead Time: 12-14 weeks
Bag Ref: Bespoke
Material: Unlined Softened Jute
Minimum Quantity: 1000

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