Bag of the Month: Whole Foods Market UK

WBC has been working with Whole Foods Market ever since they entered the UK high street as Fresh & Wild back in 2004. Whole Foods have always been innovative when it comes to curating collectible jute bags and shoppers. In fact, they’ve been so successful that some of the bags we‘ve produced for them in the past have ended up being sold for upwards of £30+ on some very well known auction sites. This month’s Bag of the Month are three limited edition Whole Foods Market bags, designed specifically for the ‘holiday season’. We stopped by to take some pictures inside Whole Foods fabulous Piccadilly site, along with some of the most popular Christmas bags lighting up the high street this season.

Travel to a Whole Foods on US soil and the first thing that greets you on entering, is a display stand racked with up to 10 tote bag designs to choose from. Why offer one, when you offer a collection of designs and price points to choose from? Whole Foods have long since recognised that there is brand power in the tote. It is always a great idea to curate a collection of bags for retail, offering choice to consumers is key – especially when it comes to the kind of re-usable tote or shopping bag they are going to carry.  

Whole Food Market Christmas Bags

These three unique bag for life designs tick all the boxes, two made from a heavy canvas material printed with two options of collectible bag designs. A cheese and wine themed canvas shopper and a bakery themed canvas shopper offer two options of tote shopping bag.  The third bag offering is a seasonal take on the classic Whole Foods Market jute bag, with a simple but effective 1 colour print on the front panel of the natural hessian shopper.

A bag fit for a Princess (and tourists alike)

With visitors from North America up 19 per cent year on year; all wanting to take home a little piece of the UK, we predict these latest designer bags from Whole Foods Market will sell out fast! Who knows, judging by the value of their used bags being sold second hand, they may well prove a good investment in the long term too.

The media frenzy created by Prince Harry confirming his intention to marry Meghan Markle, it is reassuring to know that North America’s favourite Princess-to-be is also one of the many fans of our Whole Planet re-usable jute bags 

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