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“Wine. It’s not just another drink. It’s about people and places. It’s a melting pot of history and culture. And most of all, it’s about pleasure.” We at WBC couldn’t agree more. Voted best wine website in Ireland, Wines Direct have been friends and customers of ours for over a decade. With a massively successful online retail site and a boutique store and tasting room in Mullingar, what they don’t know about wine and how to sell it, is no one’s business. Christmas is all about wine (and baby Jesus of course), but also wine! So we asked Retail Manager, Trevor Fisher, a few questions about how he maximises sales in the last weeks of the year. Here’s your 60 seconds with Wines Direct.

Wines Direct – Avoiding boring wines at all costs!

Irish family owned wine importer, Wines Direct source independent wines from all over the globe. Their distinct mission objective is “to avoid boring, mass-produced wines, and instead create and sustain a market of choice for fellow wine lovers.” That’s you and me!

Their online website offers customers the chance to choose from more than 350 artisan wines, and delivery within 48 hours. You can buy wine gifts and even create your own wine cases too. Wine Directs website is populated with fantastic festive mixed cases and a number of special offers during the Christmas period. So, if you’re ‘wine bored’ – jump online, you’re bound to find a lot that will excite your taste buds. You can find them here 

60 seconds with wines direct

What are your top tips for Christmas packaging and presentation?

  1. Packaging needs to present an appealing look from an image point of view. Make it look classy and luxurious. 
  2. The majority of customers want to spend their money on wine, not the presentation. Offering your customers a packaging solution that looks smart and unique without adding too much cost, is crucial.
  3. Packs that offer something other than just the bottles in a box (for example boxes that include glassware or wooden boxes with space for accessories) are always an extra bit attractive to consumers.
  4. Strength and durability. Packs need to be transit ready and durable for delivery via couriers without damage.

What can be the sales uplift from an individual Christmas Packaging line?

A dramatic one! As much as wine sales for home consumption picks up at Christmas, the gifting element is huge for us. Any wine that we opt to include in a gift set (two bottle gift boxes and sets are the run away leaders) sell well. From cases of bottles sold off the shelf mid-year, to whole pallets of gift sets containing the same wine at Christmas, the fact is, gift packaging sells, especially at seasonal occasions. 

What do you do to promote your Christmas lines?

We turn the tasting area of our store into a section purely for Christmas gift sets. For customers specifically looking for gifts, it narrows a 2,500 sq ft store down to simpler section to shop. It makes shopping easy and hassle free for the customer. I’d always recommend retailers consider changing and adapting their space from time to time, especially at Christmas. 

We also offer the option of purchasing empty gift boxes and giving customers ‘carte blanche’ to put any wines from our range in them. Doing this rather than tying customers down to what we’ve chosen to pre-pack for the season, increases their options and knock-on sales. Bespoke creation option is important for us.

Highlight the contents of the box. How it looks is one thing. What the bottle offers in terms of reputation, quality and taste is another. So, rely on more than just appearance, because your customers are sold on much more than that. Spell out the benefits, what’s to enjoy about a particular wine? Displaying note cards or signage and ticketing with product point scores and press reviews can be beneficial.

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Wines Direct

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