3 ingenious gift packaging ideas you probably haven’t seen

When it comes to gifting, there’s a trend occurring that goes beyond the traditional (and predictable) and towards the practical and ingenious.

It’s quite exciting actually because it means shopping for the person who has everything, is easier than ever. Here are 3 ingenious ways to gift that you probably haven’t seen. And if you have, did it work for you? Did your customers love them? We love to share ideas. In fact, a good number of products we’ve put into production have come from the things you tell us you like. Leave us a comment at the bottom to let us know what you think.

Gift packaging ideas that don’t include wicker?

With the ease of online shopping, we are gifting more, and sending more. With flat-packed gifts on offer containing everything from food hampers to bouquets of flowers, there are new practical ways to sending gifts too.

Traditional wicker hampers aren’t for everyone. Controversial statement maybe, and it’s true that wicker baskets and hampers are consistently a WBC top 10 bestseller. But let’s face it, not everyone on our gift list deserves a £100 Fortnums hamper. So this season, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. When it comes to the gift packaging options you choose for your customer base, there really are price points to cover all bases. Even the people further down the gift list deserve something special.

All of these clever ideas can be purchased from our online store wbc.co.uk at wholesale trade prices. Mix & Match and experiment using non-traditional containers for gifts, and your customers will thank you for the ingenious gift idea.

The Post Box Hamper

What’s 8 inches long and 1½ inches high? A postbox!

And now there’s a postbox sized hamper. No more missed attempted delivery notes. No more having to collect your soggy box from a so called ‘secure place’. Over the last 12 months, the postbox sized hamper trend has exploded. It offers everything from monthly subscription services to one-off gift hampers. Filled with everything from fresh flowers to coffee, beauty products and chocolate.

By far the God Father of subscription boxes that fit through the postbox, is the Graze Box. Graze set the benchmark and hundreds followed in their footsteps. Now, the industry is booming with retailers offering monthly subscriptions and Christmas special deliveries of fine foods, craft spirits and baked goods. 

Small but clever, this trend is set to continue.

With more people than ever are living abroad. Young people relocating far from their parents and grandparents. The traditional family unit and geographical locale has changed beyond recognition. We no longer live in a time where everyone is together on Christmas Day. That of course means presents need to be bought, wrapped and posted 2-3 weeks in advance.

Enter the postbox sized hamper. It’s the ideal solution for anyone, whether it’s a one-off at Christmas, Valentine’s Day or on a subscription basis. Even I’ve been eyeing up a 3 month beauty subscription for my sister. A gift that keeps on giving (at least for 3 months).

Luxury hamper company Highland Fayre have a fantastic selection with strong margins selling postbox hampers online costing between £20.89 – £46.9. ‘Not on the high street’ have a range of small independents picking & packing theirs with ultimate care.

Postbox sized hampers offer strong margins for retailers and easy but unique gift options for consumers. The postbox sized hampers ensure everyone will have something to open on Christmas morning – no excuses.

The Postbox sized hamper is priced at £1.96 Ex Vat per unit with card shipping outers available to purchase separately. You buy them online at WBC now.

Shop our postbox hamper here

The Hamper Bag

@WBC cotton drawstring bags

We’ve all heard of a hamper basket or hamper box, so why not a hamper bag?

Bags for life are traditionally marketed as shoppers. But more and more customers are using them to turn their goods into an economical hamper conduit. Bags are cheaper than premium wicker hampers, so they offer retailers an extra price point. Offering three price points in-store has proven to work in retail – economy, mid-range and luxury. Bags for life can either fulfil one of these price points or all three, depending on the bag you choose.

Look at the added benefits. Hamper bags can be branded with a company name and logo using our 7 days personalisation service. So that’s a gift for you if you consider they could be promoting your brand all over town. Plus with their ongoing use, they offer customers 2 gifts for the price of one. 

We’re seeing more and more customers creating hamper bags stuffed with a specifically themed products. Remember the importance of storytelling in retail? Well hamper bags can help you tap into the power of imagination, by creating bags of goods for every hobby or interest. Great way of stock cleaning slow-moving lines of product too…

Highland Fair offer a ‘Life’s little Luxuries’ hamper bag packed with lovely little chocolates you’d love, but probably never buy yourself.  The mail shop online offers a ‘Delicious taste of Italy gift hamper in a reusable jute bag’. The ideas for themed hamper bags is endless, and you’ll best know your demographic and what might excite their interest

Here are some other hamper bag ideas we’ve seen our customers try out, maybe it’s just the season to try it out too. 

  • The bakers bag
  • The kids cupcake making bag
  • The DIY curry bag
  • The Beer making kit bag
  • The Sugar Free Hamper bag

For more hamper ideas that will work with bag, box or basket – read our blog Themed hampers create extra profit for local retailers

The Cool Box Hamper

Packaging for chilled products has opened up a world of possibilities for small independent producers.

We designed the insulated shipping box hamper exclusively to send chilled products through the courier network. Perfect for those looking to send pre-ordered Christmas turkeys to customers, or a really special food hamper containing cheeses, chocolates, pudding and sparkling wine. If your product is fresh this is your go to for mail order. Alternatively, remove the freeze pads, and use as an economy hamper for everything else. 

At just £5.38 Ex Vat, including the foam pads, the insulated shipping box hamper is an economical alternative to wicker. An increasing number of food halls, delis, fishmongers and butchers are turning to specialist cooler packaging as an add-on service. Some companies are even offering a local drop off service. The insulated box keeps perishables temperature controlled and dry for longer in transit.

Marketing Director James Hayward comments: “With food halls and specialist delicatessens popping up all across the country, small businesses can be hit by an ever expanding and
competitive market. It is increasingly important that retailers think outside the box (so to speak) and offer that little bit extra. A send home online mail order for food offerings can make all the difference. It can set you apart from the crowd and keep customers coming back for more”

The tech stuff:

Paired with our Sobra Freeze with its triple action technology this how your products stay cool. 

  • Ultra insulated thermal barrier
  • Hyper absorbent polymer core
  • High performance permeable barrier

The Key Features

  • Send chilled products through a courier network
  • Great size to suit a variety of items
  • Supplied flat packed for easy storage
  • Thick foam protects contents in transit
  • Food safe but we recommend food is wrapped

Remember, your transit packaging doesn’t have to arrive looking dull either. Even a humble cardboard box can look pretty with our range of decorative tapes, tissue papers and colourful protective shreds. And of course, all the packaging extras like scissors, tape and bubble bags are available as standard. 


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