Meet the Team: UK production manager, Caitlyn

Meet the Team: Bags for life production managerMeet Caitlyn Smith. Hailing from New South Wales, Australia (where all good people come from) Caitlyn has been with us two years now. As UK bags for life production Manager, Caitlyn juggles all our UK bag projects, making sure yours reaches you on time. We’re one of the few bag producers in the UK that offer a premium range for overprinting in just 7 days. It’s a fast turnaround that keeps Caitlyn on her feet. We asked her a few questions about her job…

What do you do at UK bags for life?

I am the proud Production Manager at WBC for all bags we print here in the UK

What’s your favourite part of the job?
The finished product.
Beginning at A, overcoming the P’s and Q’s, seeing Z is the best bit. 

What is your least favourite part of the job?
The outside world! I enjoy working hard with customers and the WBC team; choosing their favourite bag, finalising the design and locking in the delivery date. So when I get a call from external players saying “the printer has broken down” or “the courier is delayed” – a deep breath is needed. We always jump into action and save the day. But sometimes a deep breath is needed. 

What’s the question you get asked the most (by a customer)?
Where are you from? I am Australian and have a subtle (and sometime not so subtle) ‘Aussie’ accent. It’s quite funny to hear the customers thrown by it. 

Any favourite jobs you’ve done recently?
I have just written about one of my favourite bag jobs for a really cool barber called The Owl Barbershop. You can read it here

Describe your typical day for us?
Refreshed by the quick walk to work, I settle down with a tea and browse through what my inbox has to offer. I nut through all of the urgencies and then tackle the print roster.
I chase, correct, double check and fulfil orders.
This is all whilst taking phone calls, emails and chatting to our customers online.
It’s good to be busy!

What’s your strangest talent?
I can stick my tongue up my nose. 

If you were a chocolate bar, what one would you be?
Dark chocolate hazelnut! Slightly healthy and a bit nutty 😉

What’s your claim to fame?
At WBC? I would say (have heard others say) my voice.
When things go wrong, everyone’s frustration levels rise!
Keeping calm on the phone and listening to the issue has always been a “talent” of mine. 
Out of WBC, it’s my dance moves. 😉

Caitlyn smith is WBC’s UK production manager for bags for life. Visit to look at the range of 30+ bags that can be overprinted with your company name and logo in just 7 days.

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