How to sabre a bottle of champagne in 5 easy steps

Champagne should be ‘posh’ enough on its own. But opening it with a Champagne Sabre can take poshness (or smugness) to whole new level.

So how do you Sabre a champagne bottle without looking ridiculous?

Before we get to that. It’s perhaps worth noting. Should you fancy trying this party trick at home, or just looking to sell the champagne sabre in-store, be sure to make it clear that the Champagne sabre is not limited to Champagne. The Sabre can be used on all sparkling wine bottles, including Prosecco, Cava or English (or indeed any) sparkling wine.

Which is a thumbs up for your wine sales all round.

But seriously, Sabrage?

Absolutely serious! The term itself, while sounding admittedly kitsch and perhaps a little melodramatic, actually originated from the Hussar’s. The hussars were a late medieval Hungarian cavalry, and we’re reliably informed through wikipedia, that the sabre was the army’s choice of weapon.

The tradition of Sabrage first became popular in France when Napoleon’s army visited many of the aristocratic domains. Rumour has it that the cavalry, looking to impress the rich young widows of Madame Clicquot, rode off in the early mornings opening her champagne with their swords…so to speak.

Our Italian made Mathusalem Sommelier sabre, to give it it’s full title, allows tradition to live on in the most dramatic and flamboyant fashion. And we all know the world could do with a little more flamboyance in it. The sabre comes supplied in a wooden presentation box, that makes it an excellent gift for a special occasion.

More important than how it looks, is how it sells.

How much is the Champagne Sabre UK?

We sell our Mathusalem Sommelier Champagne Sabre for £109.95 Ex vat – which may sound eye-watering for something you could open with a corkscrew and bottle opener. But where’s the fun in that? Plus it’s made in Italy from Inox steel with a Legno wooden handle. As a wine accessory and wine gift, these sell like hot cakes in gift shops, wine shops and other retailers who know that sooner later everyone is going to need a gift for the person who has everything.

Think perfect wedding pressie and you’re on the right track.

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How to sabre a champagne – watch how it’s done

Although a bottle of fizzy produce (i.e cava, champagne, prosecco, english sparkling wine, etc) can be opened with anything from a wooden spoon to a lighter, when it comes to the sabre, the trick is in the technique.

Our own sales director Julian Recordon claimed to be an expert at the art of sabrage, so we put him to the test… we don’t want to give it all away, so watch the video yourself!

The technique of opening a bottle with a sabre

Here’s the technique in 5 easy steps (these are for guidance only and you perform this at your own risk).

  1. Chill the bottle well. Placing upside down in an ice bucket is the best way to do this and do not shake
  2. Remove foil and wire basket
  3. Dry the bottle and find the vertical seam on side of bottle (one on each side). The point where this hits the top lip is the weakest point
  4. Hold the bottle at an angle (around 30 degrees) with the cork upwards facing away from you, and grip the bottle firmly near the base with your thumb in the base. Make sure that you are not pointing the bottle at anyone
  5. Place the Sabre on the neck of the bottle and use the blunt edge to slide up and hit the top lip rather than the sharp edge (this is the reverse of what you would expect but is far more effective).

A short sharp movement will remove the glass top and cork. Ensure you continue past the top with the sword.

Finally, carefully check the top of the bottle for any glass shards and then pour the champagne into a glass!

Go on, give it a try!!

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