Taste of London restaurant show

Taste, the only way to eat your way round London

Thanks to the amazing weather, this year’s Taste of London 2017 was something truly extraordinary.

Food glitterati and enthusiasts gathered in Regent’s Park for the restaurant festival of the year. Taste is the definitive showcase of the capital’s best restaurants, top chefs and leading food and drink brands. It takes place twice a year, and it’s probably fair to say that most of the capitals best restaurants are there to represent. Offering three or four of their favourite taster dishes, often at a reduced ‘show price’, taste is certainly a great way to try signature dishes from restaurants you may have heard about but never venture into. 

Taste of London 2017

Thanks to the lovely Claudia at Taste, we dropped by to see the show and some of our customers exhibiting. It’s not the largest show in scale, but Taste has something special going on. Maybe it’s the exceptional calibre of the exhibitors, or maybe it’s the food & drink on offer. Probably a bit of both. If your lot in life was just to write out the show menu, your culinary buds would be working overtime. You don’t even need to know what it is, it still sounds good! This was just the tip of the iceberg:

Duck foi gras doughnut with spicy dip
Kuro angus beef rib with yuzo shiro tamanegi
Roasted Pork with elderflower
Lamb cutlets with korean spices
Menchego Churros with quince paste
Watermelon Masala
Turkish dumplings stuffed with lamb

The combination of producers exhibiting and cuisines offered by professional chefs, attracts a certain audience. With fine food enthusiasts in one corner, industry and top bloggers in the other, the vibe mirrored something out of a Hollywood pool party. Which was fine with us!


So we walked around and ate some of the country’s best cuisine, including the duck burger: crsipy leg, asian slaw, miso and crushed noodles from Duck & Waffle Local. The spelt risotto with lobster bisque from Les 110 de Taillevent, Fettuccine Cacio from Sartoria, and much more from restaurants like Senor Ceviche, Roka. 

Another stand out was Natoora – exquisite fresh food supplier and could quite possibly win the title for the coolest greengrocer in Britain. Over a charcoal fire, Natoora slow cooked the most wonderful freshly grown vegetables, many of which had been picked that very morning. Sipsmith, the first copper pot distillery in London, shouldn’t even need explaining to anyone who’s ever had a decent gin & tonic; and Charles Mitchell Fine Wines who have probably been one of our longest running customers from way back when we used to be called the Wine Box Company

Natoora Fruit and Veg UK

Natoora slow roast their Fruit and Veg at Taste of London

CM fine wines at Taste of London

Needless to say, taste is great. It’s inspiring to get such an intimate taste for the new talent on the London scene. It’s hard not to let the passion for great quality food and drink rub off on you. Experiencing it together in one place, with people who appreciate good food, makes it all the better!

Whatever you do, put Taste of London in your diary for next year, and you won’t be disappointed.

Taste of London

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