Safe Air: The air bag for bottles

This may take you back to a childhood of blowing up party balloons and inhaling lungs full of helium gas, but our new to our range of wholesale protective transit packaging for bottles is actually an inflatable airbag we call Safe Air.

Safe Air is essentially an air bag for bottles. A really clever one.

It’s the latest lightweight technology for protecting bottles in transit. It combines some of the most advanced manufacturing processes on the market. Who’d have thought the answer to sending bottles safely, would be something we breathe for free every day?!

Take a look…

Safe Air Saves Bottles

We all know it can be a nightmare transporting wine and Champagne through the courier network. Not long ago we looked at some of the key problems why, along with some of the budget, mid-range and luxury transit packaging options on the market in our blog ‘how to send bottles through the post’. Not only are couriers increasingly reluctant to carry liquids, when you finally do source an accommodating courier, it can be a costly mess if breakages occur. Get the packaging right the first time, preferably packaging that’s been courier approved, and hey presto – a lot less drama at the other end.

If you were one of the lucky few who tried Safe Air the first time round, you’ll be glad to know that it now comes with even better quality polythene and the mini industrial air compressor used to insert the air, is back with an improved valve for faster inflation. The valve makes inflation faster and quieter; perfect for smaller runs or office use. And you won’t be competing with the sound of a jet flying past your desk.

It’s as strong and protective as polystyrene but without the bulk and need for storage. You can surround your bottles with an inflatable bottle bag that you can re-use time and again, and when finished, simply dispose in a recycle bin for an option that’s 100% recyclable.

Safe Air valve new and improved

So how does Safe Air bottle packaging work?

  1. Insert your bottle into the Safe Air bag
  2. Inflate the Safe Air bag using our standard air-pump (sold separately)
  3. Place the Safe Air bag into your transit outer box and send

It’s as simple as these 3 easy steps, just check out the video we made below:

We can’t stress enough that you place the bottle in the bag BEFORE you blow it up, unless you want to be there for days in game of tug of war. The best bit is that the airbags are designed to fit inside the same outers used for Mailsafe and Polysafe transit ranges – and most of you already buy those. Mix and match’ made in heaven! It’s also great for keeping pricey bottles of plonk safe inside empty wicker hampers.

The benefits are numerous too!

  1. Greater protection moulds to contours of bottle
  2. Dramatically reduce your storage costs
  3. Dramatically reduces your shipping costs
  4. Avoids the mess other options such as polystyrene can make
  5. Cuts down on waste packaging
  6. 100% recyclable
  7. Comes in a variety of bottle pack sizes

Sold yet? We are.

Take a look at our Safe Air range online here or call us on 08000 85 85 95 and if you’d like to see a sample, we’ll send you one in the post (minus the bottle of Champagne)!

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