Chefs table event with Repertoire Culinaire UK

Top tips for building a great food counter display

It’s not every day iconic French food importer, Repertoire Culinaire UK, invites London’s retailers out for dinner. But so it was at last week’s Chef’s Table event. An evening of magnificent food splendour held at the Joel Brasserie within the opulent Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel and a great opportunity for RP to promote their specialist food offering.  I went along for the food of course, but I came away with so much more. Here’s a quick review of the event along with a few top tips for building a great food counter displays.

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel



Years ago when I ran delicatessens in London, there were always a few specialist suppliers I kept close to my heart. Suppliers like Repertoire were one of them. Laura Ortiz, food authority and knowledgeable sales manager of the group, helped to bring the bounty and best of Europe to my shop each week. From the wondrous AOC cheeses and foie gras to an array of scrumptious charcuterie; Repertoire Culinaire has helped to shape and create some of London’s most notable food shops, delicatessens and restaurants.


The Joel Brasserie was packed out. Mesmerising filled sweet and savoury platters captured everyone’s enthusiasm. Retailers like Partridges and Selfridges mingled as they indulged on rillettes and oysters from Riec sur Belon which to be fair, were nothing short of succulent.

Where Repertoire Culinaire provide the ingredients, my job at WBC is to help retailers and producers find effective and attractive ways to display and showcase them for today’s food businesses. We help you tell the story. We help create a magical experience when displaying towers of confections or baskets of seasonal fruits and vegetables straight from the farm. In short, WBC becomes the frame for your brilliant food works of art.




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Top tips for building a great food counter

  1. Varying heights will help you create architecture in your displays. Choosing items from our counter top displays collection can help you do this effectively. As they say, ‘eye-line is ‘buy’-line so utilising display stands and risers too will ensure your produce is always in sight and screaming “buy me, buy me”!
  2. Point of sale and store signage and ticketing will help you communicate a story about a specific product. More about that in our blog on the importance of storytelling in retail. Information about the producer, the origin, the providence or how to use a specific product are key to the customer experience.
  3. Display containers like timber boxes, fruit crates, grape baskets, dump bins, trays and galvanised bowls all help to provide romance to an already great offering. And they don’t have to break the bank either. Look at what you have around your store or around your house, or jump onto the WBC website for best selling display containers.

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