Printed tote bags by WBC - give your brand a boost

Printed Tote bags: Create the ultimate in brand power

There’s no doubt that times are changing, and fast.

Today’s consumers demand more, know more and can get more from a retail landscape constantly vying for their loyalty. Never before has there been such a need for businesses to adapt and find flexible approaches to: promote their brand, stay ahead of trends and seamlessly tap into shopper’s personalities with relatable messages and values.

The humble tote ‘bag for life’ is one tool that is helping businesses across the country achieve all three of those once.

Bags For Life today’s status symbol

The government ban on plastic carriers has certainly influenced the reusable bag market. What’s really fascinating, is how conscious we as consumers have become about which ones we carry. And let’s face it, we’re not exactly spoilt for choice.

Bags have become the mandatory status symbol of the eco-minded shopper and the trendsetter. They’re also a modern day statement of personal, social and political allegiances. Perhaps, like the renaissance paintings of their time, one day we’ll look back on them as a social reference point – a handy snapshot of time and place.

12 NEW tote bag designs added to the collection

Until recently, the choice of bags available from stock for small runs and fast turnaround was limited. To stand out from the competition, retailers had to opt for the longer lead-times that came with bespoke made bags. With WBC’s introduction of 12 new designs added to its range of wholesale stock bags, the examples of retailers producing powerful promotional tools, is endless. And in terms of turnaround, bags overprinted in just 7 days does sound like a winner.

When iconic Fortnum & Mason’s opened its doors to one of the most original art events in London, becoming the temporary home of works for the Frank Cohen Collection (one of the most important collections of Modern British Art). They were there to capture the moment with a premium cotton tote printed in just 7 days, where otherwise wait months to produce bespoke.

Prince Harry’s recent flame Meghan Markle may be playing hide and seek with the UK media, but a picture of her walking down the high street carrying the jute shopper we produced for the Whole Food Planet Foundation, gave us a rare glimpse into her socio-economic allegiances. Why not be stylish and ‘on-message’, at the same time?!

Reese Witherspoon is on the same page as us both politically and in style with a tote bag that encourages young people to vote. With the world in flux, maybe it’s time to add a bit of humour and nail more colours to the mast. We’ve launched similar bags just waiting to help you do it.

Stay relevant & change seasonally

The tote fad shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, our appetite for a witty, clever message or simply stylish design is increasing rapidly. No longer will lengthy lead-times and the expense of going bespoke hold you back from producing the most attractive bags on the high street. Whether you’re looking to promote your brand or simply generate new sales, now you can respond quickly, stay relevant and change seasonally with smaller runs of bags printed in just 7 days.

So maybe now’s the time to create yourself the ultimate in brand power.

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