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Your 2 minute review of Spring Fair Trends 2017

For more than 40 years Spring Fair has been at the forefront of industry trends as the UK’s No.1 home and gift show for the retail industry. Be it the latest patterns, fabrics, styles or cutting edge products, this annual event showcases ideas and concepts to an ever changing and competitive retail landscape.

With literally miles of inspiration, grappling for a scent of future trends or a specific fashion directions is critical for those who attend, but it doesn’t always happen that easily either. Trends aren’t always easy to spot, especially through ‘the noise’ of more than 2,500 exhibitors. Some years certain styles stand out, other years they blend in or feel somewhat confused. Being able to see the wood through the trees is a skill every designer, product developer or retailer has to master.  This year we noticed a few main styles which were more definitive, unique and contemporary. Here’s a round-up.


Being from California, desert iconography is part of the landscape.

From trendy Santa Monica shops and restaurants to San Fernando office foyers and bars; the meandering succulent or western type materials are often found.

At first, I had to look twice. I thought I might be having an out of body experience. Everywhere I looked I noticed cactus designs, patterns, motifs and products. Who could have imagined that desert designs would now populate our UK high streets? I draw the line when it comes to tumble weed… Too much John Wayne even for this Hollywood boy!


The next obvious style at this year’s Spring Fair were pastel colours.  Soft hues of pale pinks, yellows, lilacs and dusty chalk greens were found in fixtures, fabrics and products alike. It’s a colour pallet which before might have been understood as ‘non-persuasive’ to the colour psychologists and merchandisers out there, but has now taken on a somewhat fresh mode, youthful, almost rebellious youth appeal.



Finally, to add a distinct curve ball this year, tropical and floral patterns added a backdrop of aspirational and feminine suggestion to wallpaper designs, accessories and interiors.  Oversized foliage set against timbre, glass and chrome was echoed throughout this show too.  Dare I say a toucan and <em>en object de pineapple</em> might surface before you know it!

All and all SPRING FAIR is a must for anyone who owns, operates, designs or buys for the retail community.  Where else could you see such a diverse mix of what’s to come!

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