BRIX modular display at Gazzano & Son

A Lesson In Retail Display | Case Study: Gazzano & Son

G A Z Z A N O   &   S O N

Gazzano & Son is London’s oldest Italian family run delicatessen in the city’s bustling area of Farringdon. This now landmark shopping destination chose the BRIX Modular Display System and other retail display from WBC for their in-store merchandising, not only to heighten their customer shopping experience but to introduce a touch of modernity in keeping with their heritage.

We grabbed 5 minutes with their operations manager Gabriella, to find out how BRIX is working for them…

Retail display: BRIX modular display at Gazzano & Son


In your opinion what makes a delicatessen the perfect place to shop?
It is our range of products that make Gazzano the perfect place to shop – from wines and gifts to groceries, we’ve got products to cover all types of shopping lists!

What attracted you to the world of food retailing?
I’ve always had an interest in food retail – it amazes me how things can go in and out of fashion as quickly as clothes do! I have a passion for trying new things so it’s always enjoyable to pass on things I’ve learnt and tasted to our customers.

What was the reason behind your recent renovation?
When we took over Gazzano’s (Valentina Fine Foods acquired Gazzano & Son in 2016) we didn’t want to lose the family history and heritage the Gazzano family had worked so hard at maintaining, so we’ve kept the name and the story is a lot like my own family’s, so that was definitely something that was to remain untouched. We’ve given the deli a bit of a makeover and introduced some new lines. We also added on a seating area at the back of the shop for eat-in customers.

Why did you opt for modular display and choose to use BRIX?
Because of our huge range of products and restricted space we needed a system that was neat, tidy and looked effective. BRIX allowed us to achieve this.

How would you define the style of your interior? 
I’d say the interior style is fun and authentic. It has the feel of a traditional delicatessen but the colours and designs are a bit cheekier.

Is there any advice that you can give to those wanting to improve their space? What are your top dos and don’ts? 
I’d say optimise your shoppable areas and if you have a large product range, try to bundle it in areas and sections that make sense – linking products is very important.

What’s next for Gazzano’s?
Who knows what is around the corner! For the moment we’re still finding our feet from Christmas and the refurbishment, so we need to build our customer base and then we may look to expand further once the dust settles.

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Gazzano & Son
167 – 169 Farringdon Road
London EC1R 3AL

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