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Digital Printing Service: Taking bag design to the next level

At WBC, we’ve invested in new technology that offers you a digital printing service direct to fabric, catapulting your eco-friendly bags for life designs to a whole new level.

Instead of using digital heat transfers which often feel unnatural or peel off over time, digital technology produces a natural finish with superb detail. You’ll find some of the cleanest life-like print you’re ever going to see on the market.

When it comes to perfection only the best will do. The closest to achieving superb detail when it comes to printing your bags for life, is to Go Digital. Here’s everything you need to know about the new service.

Who uses our digital printing service?

Design agencies
Boutique shops
PR companies
Artisan producers
Fashion houses
Museums and galleries…

…in fact any brand that demands a higher level of artistic representation than can be achieved through traditional productions methods, this service is for you. Choose digital and you choose a premium service that allows you to develop premium bags sold at premium prices.

Well suited to runs of 500 – 2000 bags, digital print is perfect for seasonal or limited edition prints. Soon you’ll be turning ordinary bags for life into must-have collectibles. When it comes to multi coloured designs with fine detail, graduated tints or full colour photographic images, there’s no other way to recreate artwork to this level. Digital printed bags are helping businesses across the country push boundaries and open up new markets for tote bag sales.

What’s the cost of digital printed bags?

Pricing is calculated per square centimetre of ink coverage, so each order is quoted separately. As a rough guide, budget for £1 per side for printing. Visit our gallery to see images or contact us at or on 08000 85 85 95 to discuss your bag project and receive an instant quote. Min 500 units / lead-time 12-14 weeks

 Why choose digital printing?

What sets Digital Printing apart from other printing processes? Digital print can produce much higher resolution prints, making it great for replicating detailed photographs and illustrations. As a designer it allows me to create designs that up until now have required simplifying in order to render well as screen prints. I love the two digital bag designs we printed for The Science Museum recently (see lead images above) to celebrate the bicentenary of Ada Lovelace’s birth. The digital print on this exclusive tote bag perfectly captures the detail and charm of her famous portrait. And with their vast collection of human remains, their digitally printed skull tote displays all the subtle changes in tonality of a skull X-ray.”  Mark Ho – WBC Creative Director

Case studies

The London Science Museum

Leonardo Da Vinci would have been delighted that a cotton tote bag designed to celebrate the “Mechanics of Genius” was printed using the very latest in direct to fabric digital technology.

Gone are the days when detail like this could only be achieved using a plastic based transfer sheet that was printed and then applied to the bag with the equivalent of an iron! The result was a nice print but a less than satisfactory look and feel to the bag.

Today we print to the material directly using water based inks that absorb into the weave and look so much better and feel totally natural. Digital print works best on natural or white bags like these but it can work on coloured bags as long as the colour is not too dark.


Digital Printing Service for bags: Science Museum - Leonardo Da Vinci

Service: India Economy
Print: Digital
Lead Time: 8 weeks by airfreight 12/14 weeks be sea
Bag Ref: Bespoke
Material: 8oz Washed Cotton
Qty: 250 – 500 units


The Royal Academy Of Arts

Digital Printing Service for bags - The Royal Academy Of Arts

‘Rabbit’ by Tracey Emin & ‘Robin’ by Richard Spare

Short runs of premium bags were exactly what The Royal Academy were looking for and our new direct to fabric digital printer is the perfect solution. You can view and purchase the Academies range of bags here. With WBC bags for life minimums runs of just 250 bags we can offer four colour process photographic standard print on totally bespoke bags.

Digital print is certainly not new, but by having the capacity at our production unit in India where the bags are cut and stitched, we can beat anyone on prices for this service. All that is required is some forward planning to allow for the 8 -12 week delivery – you’ll find the results are stunning! Perfect for Museums and Galleries running seasonal exhibitions and events.

Service: India Economy
Print: Digital
Lead Time: 12-14 weeks
Bag Ref: Bespoke
Material: 12 – 14oz Canvas
Qty: 250 – 500 per design


A few things to think about before choosing digital print!

  1. Digital printing on a light background like ‘super white’ works so much better, keeping your image detailed and vibrant and it’s much cheaper too.
  2. When you’re looking to print large areas of solid block colour, choose our traditional screen printing option. Digital is great for detail but will not be quite as vibrant as screen print.
  3. The digital printer will not print metallic inks.
  4. Maximum panel size has increased from 45cm x 35xm to 70cm x 50cm
  5. Digital print is priced per square cm. Opt for simple, compact and effective designs – you’ll find they’re often similar in price to screen print.

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