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So you’d like to start gifting?

You’re inspired by how other retailers are using hampers to maximise sales throughout the year. You want to get in on the act but at a loss at where to start. Perhaps you’re a seasoned retailer who’s been there and bought the T-shirt. You already know the benefits that seasonal gifting can have on your profit margins, but you’re fresh out of ideas, or haven’t the time, or you’re concerned about the cost of the packaging.

That is when humble card gift trays turns up and saves the day. Easy to construct; card trays come flat packed for easy storage, and at a fraction of the cost of other materials, it’s a great starter hamper as well as a handy all year rounder.

Here’s a few of our top tips to help you on your way to better gifting.

Fluted kraft gift tray

1. Gift trays are not just for Christmas

More than just a one time only offer, hamper trays can save your bacon through quieter periods of the year too. Take a look at how some of our other customers are using themed hampers to create extra profits.

Card gift trays help you create a variety of differently themed hampers using one standard carton. By accessorising using ribbons, bows, gift tags or card sashes, you’ll create a very different look every time AND avoid the danger of overstocking.

Pumpkin Candles2. If I can’t see it, I won’t buy it

Card gift trays come in a variety of colours and sizes; some with their own card lids, others with acetate lids, cello wraps or basket bags sold separately to hold contents in place.

Displaying ready-made hampers at a variety of price points within eye-line of your customers can make all the difference when it come to converting a sale.

Your customer may have only come in for a loaf of bread, but you may just inspire them to leave with something more.

A surprising number of retailers miss this crucial detail. How and where you display your gifts will always make the difference between a sale or fail.

 3. Do your homework

There’s little point making up a beautiful hamper if it doesn’t make you a profit. Know your customer and what they will pay, but also do your sums, breaking down the cost of each component, the cost price of the contents and what you can sell it for.

Then sit back and count your pennies when they start to roll in.

Trays Opener (1)

  4. Print me up before you go go

All our trays have specially designed cello lids that can be purchased separately.

Not only do cello lids half the time it takes to dress your hamper cartons, but you can print on them too, creating a professional finish that’s a perfect option for the corporate gifting market.

Approaching local businesses with seasonal gifting opportunities can be a profitable extra income for farm shops and delis, or anyone who can smell a good opportunity.

Don’t forget to check out our extensive range of finishing touches such as bows, ribbons, picks, sashes, tags. The’ll help you to turn your simple card tray into an extraordinary profit generating gift!


Cost saving tips!

  • Padding out the bottom of your tray with excess packaging you have lying around will ensure you use less shred on top!
  • Laying products flat takes up more room, so fewer products are used
  • Hampers are a good opportunity to spring clean end of line or slow moving products, and you’ll still make a handsome return

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