Trendy La Polentaria goes under the Gerry knife

Gabriele Vitali is owner of La Polenteria, Soho’s trendy and only completely gluten-free Italian restaurant.

Gabriele came to see us in the WBC showroom some weeks back. His goal was to design a flexible and interchangeable retail space using a modular display system that could be easily set up in the entrance of his restaurant premises. He hoped to increase footfall and attract London’s buzzy crowd during specific times of the day.

For La Polentaria, the obvious solution was to use a modular display system like BRIX that offers the essential functionality and design characteristics he needed. Our BRIX modular display system opens up a wealth of merchandising design opportunities. By choosing a simple configuration from the collection, we were able to achieve two additional revenue streams which now run through Gabriele’s business.

Choose modular display for mobility, functionality & design

The first, an “Afternoon Delight” concept, works beautifully on the BRIX display units at the front entrance.

The key concept here was to attract a late afternoon offering akin to a British ‘afternoon tea’; of course with an Italian twist. With the modular units on castors, the display can be moved out of the way as traffic increases and the merchandising reconfigured as and when needed.

The double display two-tier trolley display unit from the BRIX modular collection is also a clever option for retailers. It can help you shift slow moving stock items; create a ‘product of the day’ corner or build featured ‘hot-spots’ to really inspire sales of impulse purchases.

Merchandising spaces for flexibility & adaptability

The second idea also used the BRIX kit to produce a “Spritz-O-Clock” concept. Here the BRIX units (also on mobile casters) house an apperitvo concept for the early pre-theatre Soho set.

Both concepts are easy to assemble, break down and position; no tools, no fuss, which is the beauty behind the modular nature of the BRIX system and why it’s always my ‘go to’ product when merchandising retail spaces where flexibility and adaptability are paramount.

Next time you’re in soho, stop by La Polentaria and take a look around. You’ll be inspired, just don’t forget to tell them Gerry sent you!

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64 Old Compton Street London W1D 4UQ
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