Increase Christmas sales through gifting

Plan Ahead to Increase Christmas sales with seasonal merchandising

Planning ahead to increase christmas sales

In their October issue, Speciality Food Magazine gathered expert advice that could help you capitalise on the festive season. Featured within the Plan Ahead to Boost Christmas Profits article is our very own Retail Development Manager, Gerry Moss. Gerry explains the importance of seasonal merchandising and how to plan ahead to increase christmas sales.


Increase Christmas Sales with seasonal gifting

“Nostalgia still remains inspirational in terms of how consumers engage with retailers during the Christmas period. From classic storytelling to old-world themed winter scenes, our annual love affair continues to look back in time when everything seemed that bit more magical. Our Noel Print Christmas range includes bottle boxes and gift cartons and encapsulates this trend perfectly. Great as packaging but just as useful as part of your seasonal display.

Wholesale christmas gift wrap

‘Noel Print’ Christmas gift packaging designed in-house at WBC

The new 'Christmas Collective' gift wrap range is predicted to be a bestseller

New ‘Christmas Collective’ gift wrap range predicted to be a bestseller


Traditional wicker hampers

Traditional wicker hampers fly off the shelves at Christmas time

Create Your own hamper

“Create Your Own’ is becoming increasingly popular as the desire for personalisation rises. Offering bespoke hampers where customers can personally select the contents, is a great way to tap into this growing market.

Retail signage is also key. It’s important to let your customers know what you offer. Don’t forget, when it’s busy, direct customer service can be tricky, especially as 76% of shoppers never even speak to a sales assistant when shopping!





A5 mini chalkboards perfect for counter top signs

Tell your customers what you can offer without saying a word

Retail Signage and Ticketing

Our range of store signage and ticketing includes low-cost mini blackboards and counter top cards. They work perfectly for communicating your message – definitely the way forward for ‘silent selling’.






Creating impressive window displays

“Independent shops have challenges all around them. From high street chains with large visual merchandising budgets to the increasing public drive to shop online, the shop window is your biggest calling card. A store window can be the most important marketing tool you have, They attracts shoppers to your store way before they even step through the front door. Creating an impressive window during the holiday season doesn’t have to mean lots of money, but it does mean being creative and provocative.

“As the modern pace of life increases and working hours continue to break from the traditional 9 till 5, customers have become ever more demanding. We want to eat, drink and shop wherever and whenever we choose. The run up to Christmas is the ultimate time to really think how to use your window to maximum effect. How can you attract shoppers and set yourself apart from competitors. How can you ensure your window display is working even when you’re not.

Image courtesy of Berry Bros & Rudd Ltd @berrybrosrudd

Image courtesy of Berry Bros & Rudd Ltd @berrybrosrudd


In-store merchandising and promotional ‘hot spots’

“Shopping in a business with a positive community message is important and becoming expected. Integrating this social message within your displays creates an encouraging mood, and together with a broad range of product lines within your range, is key to a good shopping experience. Having a comprehensive range not only supports good consumer selection, but also supports returning business and residual spends further down the line. Always have your expected items in stock and items with point of difference. It’s the latter of the two which people will talk about year in year out, growing your customer loyalty.”

Image courtesy of Heart Space Wholefoods @hswholefoodsuk

Image courtesy of Heart Space Wholefoods @hswholefoodsuk

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