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Printed Shopping Bags in time for Christmas Retail


Not long to go now till Christmas, and many of you will be looking to make more than half your sales and profits in the three months leading up to it – so it’s never too early to start planning. Which brings us to those all important printed shopping bags – tote shoppers, bags for life – call them what you will. Every retailer has one, every customer needs one, so the question is, do you have plenty of them in stock and ready to go? If not, here’s a handy checklist of everything you need to know about buying printed tote bags for Christmas and early next year.

Can I have my bags in time for Christmas sales?

Absolutely! Our UK EXPRESS SERVICE gives you printed wholesale tote bags in just 7 DAYS! With minimum runs of just 250 bags, the UK Express service is perfect for last minute orders, top ups on existing orders or those trying bags for the first time – either way, you’ll never be caught with your bags down. Simply choose from a range of about 30 bags we hold in stock, send us your artwork and they’re yours in just 7 days!

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Order bags now for early next year

Our INDIA ECONOMY SERVICE, can SAVE you up to 25% off our UK trade prices plus you get fully bespoke reusable bags. That means your specific pantone colours, sizing, zips, straps, buckles, you name it; what you want, how you want. Get ahead of the pack and start planning your designs for next year, today.

Most of the year our India Economy services comes with a 12-14 week lead-time, except for the last quarter of the year when peak production and Indian festival Durga Puja create longer lead times of up to 17-18 weeks. Place your order from September onwards each year and we’ll deliver your bags in January. By the way, if you’ve ever wondered why shipping takes so long – read our blog about the common pitfalls of container shipping from India.

Once you’ve ordered your bags, keep an eye on your inbox for regular updates from our Bags For Life team, or email us at for an update.

Mix & Match

Don’t forget you can always mix and match our services. Place a smaller order for a fast turnaround that will see you through Christmas, with the balance produced in India for next year. You’ll get the flexibility and price advantage of India with the convenience of local production. Ask our team about it today. 

Whichever service you decide is the best one for you, one thing we can guarantee is that a printed bag with your name on it will not only bag you extra profits through the festive season, but will keep your brand on everyone’s lips like a walking billboard, up and down the high street.

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