Taste of London is the definitive showcase of the capital’s best restaurants, top chefs and leading food and drink brands.

Taste of London: World’s Greatest Restaurant Festival

For those of us who dedicate our lives to the food biz, you will no doubt agree that creating a “food experience” each day for people to enjoy is no easy task!

There is ambience to consider, an ethos to perfect, and yes of course, a product to deliver.

But still, these concepts are only a drop in the ocean when it comes to creating a successful food business.

The last decade in London has brought with it dynamic chefs from all over the globe who have built destination eateries all across the London capital.  What was once a city whose monuments were the main stars, now play equal billing to our shines of food. Each year, Taste of London – The World’s Greatest Restaurant takes a snapshot of our food world and recreates it amongst the palatial gardens of Regents Park. With a menu card that lists a cornucopia of taster bites, Taste of London gives all of us much more than a mouthful.

For many, the thought of eating on the hoof as it were, simply doesn’t stack up.  If I close my eyes would the magic of Club Gascon feel and taste as it does in its Smithfield landmark eatery? When I taste the beautiful food of Michelin star Trishna’s will I be humbled yet again?

Taste of London Regent's Park

Gin time



For Taste of London, it’s almost in a way, expression is even more difficult to achieve than for a conventional bricks and mortar business. It’s almost like summarizing an entire novel in one line. All the aspects of the story need to be felt; the magic of the words need to create an experience.

So too is the TASTE experience. Chefs and proprietors carefully choose ingredients, menus, fabrics, fonts, and interiors to give the public a chance to engage with them outside of their normal establishments. If this engagement is done well, the opportunities and relationships with restaurants and their audiences flourish. With all that goes into creating a food experience in a garden, TASTE offers the public a love affair that transcends far beyond the summer!







Lovers in Love

Taste of London is still on at Regent’s Park and runs until the 19th June. For event times, prices or to purchase tickets visit their info page.


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