All things spring at Forza Win


Welcomed in by a friendly tabby, we entered Copeland Park in Peckham for a unique dining experience at Forza Win; the communal eating pioneers where everyone sits at the same table, pays the same price and shares the same meal.



Once inside we were met with two extra-long bench tables, where we were seated amongst other guests, in a warmly lit ‘outside meets inside’ warehouse setting. We settled in with an Italian Margarita from the impressive cocktail list and prepared to get cosy and make some new friends.



Food is served family style so we were told to be nice and share…which is when the fear of there not being enough began to creep in. But we needn’t have worried. There was more than plenty of food to go round (as long as you’re not shy, and prepared to dig in). At the moment, it’s spring season at Forza Win, which means they’ve turned their attention to the ocean and the many coastal Italian flavours. With two sittings a night, it’s important to arrive on time so that you don’t miss out on a thing. With an indulgent five courses: Antipasto, Primo, Secondo, Contorno and Dolce to get through, I’m glad we did just that.

IMG_3450First up were giant bowls of minestrone verde with white beans and chunks of freshly baked bread. This alone could have been the showstopper with its fresh flavours and nutrient dense delights – I could have left satisfied and happily toddled off home. But further seasonal goodness was to come.


A steaming pan of linguine al vongole was next, followed by chargrilled gurnard with blackened leeks, served with a chicory, blood orange and pomegranate salad. Delicious as each component was, the really bony gurnard made the secondo hard to enjoy.


All was redeemed when the orange and hazelnut tiramisu arrived, with its delicate layers of coco-dusted mascarpone contrasted with robust espresso and hazelnuts. These flavours, laced with aromatic orange, came together in a velvety texture for a rich, luxurious treat. A word of warning though, desserts in future Italian restaurants might well be ruined forever after this one.


“We make good food and good places to be. All of the food we serve is grown and reared in the UK, cooked over wood and served across a whole evening. Everything we do with food is about being as close to source as possible. We’re very aware of the way the world’s food supply is going, so we waste nothing and source everything as close to our place as we can. We reckon it’s possible to be kind to the planet, not break the bank and have lots of fun doing it.”

A win indeed.

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