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650 Million Fewer Bags Handed Out In Scotland

The levy on bags introduced in Scotland a year ago has prompted a whopping 90% reduction in plastic bag use, saving 4,000 tonnes of plastic each year and generating more than £6.7 million towards good causes. The environment secretary thanked the Scottish people for showing the rest of the UK they’re “serious about tackling litter, reducing waste and creating a cleaner, greener environment for everyone to enjoy.”

With Wales reporting a 71% reduction since the levy was introduced, England finally followed suit back in October 2015. The initial reports of plastic bag theft and fighting soon died down and shoppers across the whole UK are now buying stylish reusable bags that will eventually stem the flow of single use bags. The growing consumer interest to buy bags that represent their style is driving a new income stream for retailers; bags for life are certainly here to stay.

Cocobagh is a new corporate social venture launched in India by WBC to provide the local community in Baduria, where the Bags For Life factory is located, with training and support to develop a sustainable business. All profits generated by this business will be reinvested into projects that directly benefit marginalised people, offering opportunities for those in the community. The venture opened it’s doors back in May 2015 with purpose built training facilities, October 2015 saw the completion of washrooms, social areas and a canteen. Keep up to date with the blog at to read more about this project.

The 2015 monsoon in West Bengal and Bangladesh has brought some of the heaviest rains for many years, “never in my life have I experienced such rainfall” says Sajjan Argawal who heads up the operation in Baduria.

The lack of sunshine and heavy rain reduced capacity of raw jute at a time when demand nationally and internationally has hit an all-time high. Whilst this is good news for Jute growers, it is driving up the price of raw jute by as much as 25% affecting costs throughout the supply chain.

Here at WBC, we are committed to paying a fair price throughout the supply chain whilst keeping prices low, this comes down to strong relationships, commitment and planning. Clients working with us can rest assured our prices will be held firm for any orders placed before June 2016.


Sounds obvious, but a recent Defra study concluded that 2 tonnes of freight carried 5,000km by a small container ship creates 150 kg of CO2e (a measure of relative global warming potential) compared to 6,605kg of CO2e if the freight is carried by plane for the same distance. F&M order bags well ahead of time to ensure they are shipped by sea not air and WBC manage their stock levels to ensure they never run out of stock.


The Digital Age : Production News

WBC has invested in new technology to offer you digital print direct to the fabric used to produce bags. Instead of using digital heat transfers that feel unnatural and can peel off over time, our digital ‘direct to fabric’ technology produces a natural finish and amazing detail.

For designs that demand a higher level of artistic representation than can be achieved through silk screen methods, such as photographic prints or very complex, detailed artwork – digital print is pushing the boundaries and opening up new markets.

Particularly well suited to runs of 500 – 2000 bags this new technology offers the ability to print full colour photographic images. This works very well for seasonal or limited edition prints, creating premium bags that are often collectible.

What does it cost?
Digital pricing is calculated per square centimetre of ink coverage so each order is quoted separately. You will find the results amazing with superb photographic representation. Visit to see our gallery of digitally printed bags.

Minimum 500 units / lead-time 12-14 weeks

Why I’d go digital
“What sets Digital Printing apart from other printing processes is it can produce much higher resolution prints, making it great for replicating detailed photographs and illustrations. As a designer it allows me to create designs that up until now have required simplifying in order to render well as screen prints.

I love the two examples The Science Museum used recently; 2015 celebrated the bicentenary of Ada Lovelace’s birth, the digital print on this exclusive tote captures the detail and charm of her famous portrait. With a vast collection of human remains, their digitally printed tote displays all the subtle changes in tonality of a skull X-ray.”

– Mark Ho, Creative Director

Shipping Dates:

Bags Required By

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Approx. Lead Time

End May


14 Weeks

Mid June


14 Weeks


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