WBC retail Prop Shop launches on eBay


Hi, I’m Sarah Wilson and I’m a retail prop buyer for WBC.

I have a passion for 20th Century furniture, vintage props and decorative items. It’s a passion that propels me out of bed between 1am – 3am, four days a week to hit the road in search of beautifully designed objects which in turn are used across the UK retail market as seasonal displays and retail merchandising props for shop windows

I have a particular weakness for a nice chair, some of which are pictured on my Pinterest Board: Mid Century Modern Chairs. I’ve been known to break into an undignified trot across a field full of white vans at antique fairs to secure one or two of these beauties!

Sarah Wilson (Prop Buyer)I buy from antique/vintage fairs, flea markets and factory/house clearance specialists all over the country.

I typically start buying between 4am and 6.30am, which can be hazardous in winter as it means buying in the dark. In my early years, I mistakenly bought more than one piece of furniture so riddled with woodworm that it should have had the decency to walk itself to my car before being dropped off at the dump on the way home!

From day to day, I don’t know what I’m going to find and this is what makes my job both fun and frustrating.

I sometimes sing along to the radio for the full 4-hour drive home, constantly looking in the rearview mirror at the car load of ‘treasure’ behind me; particularly ‘special buys’ ride in the passenger seat beside me! On other days, when the pickings are meagre, the M25 seems especially cruel.

In October, I had the pleasure of going to the famous Grande Rederie in Amiens, France where we started buying at 2am and carried on well into the afternoon. I hope the photos below give you a taste of the hustle and bustle of a huge flea market.

prop 2

PicFrameMy job is to source the trusty old favourite small props that are available to buy from WBC’s website. There you’ll find retail props that I’m generally able to source in larger quantities – from kilner jars and 1960’s wire shopping baskets to original vintage sledges that are perfect for Christmas window displays.

And now for the first time, we’re excited to offer one-off items sold directly from our dedicated eBay ‘WBC Prop Shop’. You can even keep tabs on the props I find by clicking on the green ‘FOLLOW’ button on the eBay store page. You’ll be the first to be notified when new items are listed, and remember, these are one-off props, so be quick because when they’re gone they’re gone.

Last but not least, feel free to contact me at sarah@wbc.co.uk with any feedback you have, be it positive or negative; I’m very keen to give you the products and service you need.

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