Bombings, cuts to pensions, refugees… but UK media lead with threat of #plasticbags “chaos”

Seriously though.

Wales have been doing it just fine for the last four years.

Northern Ireland since 2013.

Scotland appears to have managed it ok since October 2014.

So that just leaves England.

The last nation in the UK to step up to the plate, and it sends the media into absolute melt down with apparent “confusion over the ‘complicated’ plastic bags law”.


And as for twitter – head over to to see a snapshot of reactions, my personal favourites being:

Absolute chaos at the plastic bag shop today. Nobody knows what to do. Plastic bags flying everywhere.

and this….

Avoid the plastic bag tax, by eating everything at the checkout.

or this….

Can’t believe the chaos outside. Grown men on their knees, crying in the rain, staring at a plastic bag. Complete turmoil and confusion.


Truth is, it’s really not that complicated. Everything you need to know is right here and the charge doesn’t apply to smaller retailers with less than 250 staff  (although we’re happy to see many independents already charging despite not having to).

For the consumer it’s as simple as keeping a few re-usable bags for life in the back of your car, or popping one of these bad boy pocket shoppers in your handbag or clipping one to your belt.

If you’re a retailer and you don’t already offer bags for life, maybe it’s time to start promoting your brand, making some extra profit and helping the environment by leaving plastic out and ordering printed bags for life from us instead *we said shamelessly*.

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