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Drygate: the UK’s first experiential craft brewery


One of the things I like most about the craft beer world and how it does business, is its seemingly natural ability to step outside the box and work collaboratively – sharing in experiences, pooling resources and welcoming others to take part. In the case of Glasgow’s Drygate Brewery, it involves ‘open doors, open minds: whatever it takes’.

And maybe it’s the beer that mellows you out, but it always seems so effortless and unforced; a “democratic attitude” (as the list describes it), and one that’s not just showing face but considered a genuinely valid way of doing business. So with Drygate, you immediately get this sense of collective involvement – a wall graffiti painted by a staff member, waitresses who genuinely look like they don’t need to be paid to hang out there.

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WBC’s Christmas ordering guide 2015


Getting ready for Christmas doesn’t have to be the nightmare we brace ourselves for each year. As you begin preparing and organising yourself, here is a handy guide of our top tips for ordering Christmas gift packaging, along with deadlines and useful things to know.

We hope it takes some of the stress out of the equation. If you have any questions we haven’t thought of, tweet usFacebook us, email us, or phone us on 08000 85 85 95, or simply leave a comment below and we’ll get right back to you.

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Networking event ‘Grub club Cambridge’ visits London town

Grub Club Bags for life

For those of who haven’t heard of Grub Club Cambridge yet, we ask you, where have you been?!

Described as ‘fun for foodies’, Grub Club Cambridge was founded by Vhari Russell of The Food Marketing Expert and Kelly Molson of local design agency, Rubber Cheese. A series of regular fun networking events – the pair aim to bring together producers, retailers, buyers and their businesses – for interesting conversations accompanied by delicious food and drink. Sounds amazing right?

The concept behind this foodie event is to encourage like-minded small businesses and individuals within the industry to support each other and create a forum to talk about their market; who’s doing what, sharing advice and building relationships within a fun and relaxed environment.

Grub Club Cambridge recently brought the event to London town; its first visit to the big smoke. We asked founder Vhari Russell how it went…

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