Is it time to make ‘mise en place’ the order of your day?

Because my background is in bakeries and kitchens, the term “mise en place” is one that is near and dear to my heart. Literally translated, mise en place means “putting in place” or “everything in its place” and while the origins of the words stem from the culinary world – a chef ensuring everything’s to hand before he begins; collating ingredients; positioning equipment tidily in order and in reach – the sentiment behind the phrase is applicable for every industry and business and you certainly can make it part of yours.

We know that hampers are a lucrative way of generating extra sales no matter what time of year it is. But imagining them to be a time consuming exercise to put together, it’s tempting to give up before you’ve begun.

The truth is, with access to easy gifting solutions like the right outers, the right boxes, the right finishing touches – everything “in its place” – hampers can become a quick, chic and creative addition to your business. Having the key essentials on hand at all times of the year will make your job a whole lot easier. It will help you turn an ordinary gift offering into an extraordinary one.

Here are 5 tips to get you started on creating value-packed hampers:

  1. Have a good selection of flat-pack gift boxes in stock during the year – by in bulk from a trade supplier at wholesale prices to maximise your profit margin.
  2. Shred and fill can be useful in adding depth and structure to hampers.
  3. Using themed stickers on the outside of your hamper boxes help to create seasonal or celebratory messages without breaking the bank!
  4. Stylish ribbons and bows can create a premium look.
  5. Offer hampers at specific price point: economic, mid-tier and upmarket price levels so that your cross section offering appeal to the broadest range of shoppers.

Retailer’s morning exercise:
Ron Friedman, a work place consultant recommends an intellectual ‘mise en place’ each morning that he calls, how to spend the first 10 minutes of your day. Why not click the link and try it out for yourself!

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