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Hot new colour trends: cool grey

Without doubt, this season’s hottest colour trend is cool grey pantone number 10.

Silvery, smoky grey – ask any fashionista or interior designer, grey is the perfect neutral colour that’s bang on trend for the second year running. Our new 2015/16 collection of cool grey gift packaging and retail signage has something for everyone. Understated and sophisticated, use it as a versatile base palette to coordinate with your favourite colour schemes and finishing touches.

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What’s the most important skill a retailer can learn?


What will be the most important business skill of the next 5 years?

Well a Harvard professor says it’s storytelling. In fact, Harvard Business School marketing professor Theodore Levitt, has boldly stated that tomorrow’s products and companies will “Live Or Die By Their Stories….”

That’s big talk!

Stories help to build deeper relationships between consumers and the products they’re selling. Stories join up dots and make connections. If data gives credibility, then stories provide truth.

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Is the street food craze about to implode?


The concept of ‘Street food’ is generally considered to be artisan food sold on the street – or more accurately, not served from restaurants or cafés. So could this picture tweeted of KFC getting in on the craze, spell the unfortunate imploding of what has been one of the coolest and certainly delicious phenomenons to hit the UK culinary scene in the last half a decade?

The picture was snapped in Soho, London, and actually I’m not sure what’s worse – the bastardisation of what has been a relatively simple and noncommercial concept – street food – dine outside on food which has been uniquely and personally prepared for you; that tastes handmade; that tastes good, and that makes you look terribly switched on at the same time. Or, the shameless hipsters falling for the trap of being photographed standing outside KFC, like nothing is remotely wrong with the picture. How depressing.

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