The ultimate craft beer bag is booze news for Britain

Craft beer is everywhere.  Peckham Pils, Windsor Knot, Camden Wit, Brew Dog Punk IPA, Orkney Blast, Cascadian East – you name it, whatever your postcode, chances are your area has a brew of its own. It’s gone viral worldwide too. For UK micro breweries’, export is booming! The number of small craft beer producers in the UK has sky-rocketed to a 70 year high. We’re drinking 33 MILLION pints more than we did back in 2012! So if you had the perfect beer bag to help you up sell and capitalise on the countries imagination.

At WBC Bags for Life we’re being called upon more and more to make printed beer bags for retail customers and breweries alike, for sale or giveaways. And it’s clever idea too. With a host of craft beer street markets, entire pubs devoted to the stuff, specialised food & drink festivals like Craft Beer Rising and London beer week, there’s no time like the present to capitalise on the nations beer drinking.

We’ve put together this simple 3-point beer plan involving your beer, beer bag, and some seriously fine printing.

It’s already helping retailers across the UK shift more units – with hardly any work involved… least for you…

Our beer bag plan

1. Pick 6 of your best craft beers
2. Offer them in a 6 bottle re-usable beer bag (JP/BEER)
3. We’ll the beer bag with your logo in just 7 days – you’ll charge for the bag, or give it away as a freebie!

What are some typical beer bag prices?

Craft beer SAVINGS include 15% DISCOUNT + FREE DELIVERY*:

250 beer bags: FROM £1.95 Ex Vat; SAVE £85
500 beer bags: FROM £1.75 Ex Vat; SAVE £155
1000 beer bags: FROM £1.61 Ex Vat; SAVE £285
*Based on 1 colour 1 side

Do beer bags work?

They definitely do, we asked our friends Wined up here what they think – here’s their response!

Wined up case study



“We bought 50 jute beer bag in December and offered them free when people bought 6 beers, so if anyone came to the counter with 3 or 4 beers we mentioned the free bag and it was a “no-brainer” for people to up their purchase to 6 beers. They went away very happy, as it made a great gift if they were not keeping the beer for themselves! We sold out of the bags and bought some more in January and the trick still works!
I trebled my beer sales in December compared to December 2013 and doubled my beer sales in December’14 compared to November’14. Yes, craft beer sales are on the rise anyway but by “adding value” it ensures we are riding the crest of the wave and the jute bags are a natural tie in! “

– Charlotte Dean, Wined Up Here, London @Wineduphere

  • Increase the sales of BEER
  • Encourage repeat business
  • Let your BEER bag do your advertising
  • Avoid plastic BEER bag tariffs

As the UK’s wholesale supplier of printed eco-bags, we have off the peg bags in lots of colours and sizes, fully bespoke bags at competitive prices and can print and deliver in just 7 days (min quantity 250). So if you sell beer or make it and want to see more, visit us at to see a gallery of our finest bags – you may be surprised just who else we’re making bags for.

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