Our top 5 favourite design trends from Spring Fair 2015

Spring Fair Bimingham

Inspiration is always in abundance at Birmingham’s Spring Fair International. With over 300,000 new products covering retail sectors as varied as fashion and jewelry, Christmas gifts and seasonal decorations to greeting cards and gift boxes, it’s a fantastic opportunity to look at design trends for the coming year.  From the weird and wacky to the elegant and uber trendy, Spring Fair can leave your head spinning with ideas, and yet analysing trends like colour influences, surface textures and seasonal patterns and print, isn’t just important in developing new products, it’s fundamentally important for retailers  too; especially in terms of how you dress your space and merchandise throughout the year, keeping your space fresh and attractive.

Take a look at 5 key design trends from Spring Fair 2015 that have got us excited. Think how you might introduce some of them into your own in-store display or merchandising designs this year.


1. Laser cutting

From cards to gift tags and hanging ornaments to POS signage, there’s no doubt laser-cut products is big this year. We predict laser cutting being a big trend for Christmas design too, especially in relation to snowflake and intricate cut out ornaments. So whatever you do, start sharpening those scissors now, you’ve got lots of work to do.

2. Grey is for Christmas
It may sound a little drab and colourless but grey is your pallet this Christmas. But don’t forget to think a little outside the box, check out our New Year’s gift packaging ideas from 2014 for inspiration but try and feature accents of metallics and foils to bring designs to life.

 3. Polka knows best
Polka dots were a prominent feature of this year’s Spring Fair International, right the way through show, and in every shade imaginable – from monochrome to vivid colour.

4. Glow sticks at the ready
Fluorescent is back. But offset bright fluorescent metallic foils against natural more organic materials such as kraft paper, kraft paper shreds, kraft gift cartons, and wooden gift boxes.

4. 1950’s illustration
Typography, retro 50’s brands that were prominent are referenced on gifting and décor.

5. Silk screen and digital printing
We saw examples of amazingly detailed silk screen and digital printing on bags and t-shirts, a process which is hard to get right, costly and few and far between in terms of finding manufacturers who can do it well. The good news is we are developing this side of our bags for life printing technology. It’s still in development – something for the future, and we’ll keep you posted.

Finally, with a labyrinth of halls stocked full with exciting new products and suppliers spilling out onto live stages, demonstrations and seminars, it’s always great to see our own hampers and retail display fixtures being used within the industry. Even our very own designer, Jeimy Caviedes was able to see her work proudly on show. If anything else, it’s an inspiring day out, and if you’ve yet to pay it a visit, before long it will be time for Autumn Fair in September and you can sign up for that here.

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